About The Oracular Tree

The Tree came online late in 1996 as a personal web-page. We featured poetry and science fiction. It has evolved into a home for anything even remotely smacking of constructive ways to serve the good of all.

We enter phase 3 of our existence with a new website design by Alex E.R. Weeks. Jake Roberts is our current Webmaster.

The Tree itself is a mindspace existing in the ever-changing landscape of the Cyberlithic Age, lith to honor our ancestors’ migration from the forests of the east African Rift Valley to populate every corner of this planet Earth, blue among the stars, for which we give thanks everyday.

Tech notes: Tree 3.0 works well with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE 8, and Opera browsers. These can be downloaded free. No guarantees on other versions of IE! Go for those open source browsers!

If you want to follow updates to the Tree, add this URL to your RSS feeder (Google Reader, etc):


Happy Reading!