Author: Angela Conrad



This woman has the darkside in a hammerlock. Dudes, whether she portrays an Angel of Light masquerading as the John who ate Cincinnati, hairballs and all, expertly dissecting political and moral hypocrisy, or leading us safely through the maze of e-investing, she is our Woman Friday.

Angela J Conrad has had over eighty short stories published in the last three years, plus an essay in Newsweek. She joined the Editorial Board of the Oracular Tree in January 05, and began a bi-weekly column there in October 05, entitled The Truth with be Heard. This continued until the fall of ‘07 when she began a new column, Muse. She also wrote a nine part series called Simple Steps to Managing Money in 2006. She has won awards in The Storyteller (People‚Äôs Choice Winner, 1st in Fiction), The Enigma (contest winner, with illustrations), Flashquake (First Place Contest Winner of Flash Fiction), and The Green Tricycle (contest winner). Her second novel, The Demon Within, is being published online in 2007 at the Oracular Tree.