Author: Charly Hoge


I live on the fence, essentially, with my writing. Specifically, I am obsessively fascinated with folklore and cryptozoology at the same time that I attempt to study it with a critical and academic mind. I must admit that I am probably more of a believer than a critic, though. “A Non-Incident Near Dongou” is hopefully a creative explanation of that tension, showing a world in which a “monster” can simultaneously be a great story (for folklore) and, perhaps more importantly, a real creature (for cryptozoology). I suppose it is offered as a defense of my inability to pick a side when it comes to monsters.

I have been privileged to have some of my short fiction published within “The Copper Nickel,” “Word Riot” and “New Scene Quarterly” (“Don’t Call it a Comeback,” currently available at ); in addition, I am about to have an academic essay (“The Death of Chupacabras: How the Internet Demystified and Poisoned a New Cultural Phenomenon”) released online through the publishers at . Wrapped around these projects are my day-jobs. I work as an English professor at the Metropolitan State College of Denver and as a Developmental English professor at the Community College of Denver, environments which truly provide excitement and challenges that hopefully I am good enough to meet every single day.

Thanks very much for reading! I would love to hear from anyone who has any commentary about this piece or any cryptozoological experiences of her or his own…