Author: Mark Joseph Kiewlak


Mark Joseph Kiewlak: I’ve been a published author of fiction and poetry for about fifteen years. Most of my current work centers on the philosophy of Jane Roberts’ Seth books. My metaphysical fiction and poetry appear regularly in Madelon Rose Logue’s “Black Sheep” magazine, out of Los Angeles. I have also recently had stories and poems in “Wild Violet”, “The Bitter Oleander”, “Once Upon A Time”, and Black Petals”. I have been published by DC Comics (Flash 80-page Giant #2) and my letters have appeared in more than 150 DC and Marvel publications. I am also a huge fan of J.M. DeMatteis, who is the foremost New Age storyteller in the comic book field.

As for my home life, I live with a woman of extraordinary kindness, and for me this is enough. I’ve never been much of a participant, mostly an observer in the day to day goings-on. Those few lives which do intersect with my own, well, I hope I bring something meaningful to them. And I hope that the part I send out through my work can also have an impact on those it reaches.