Vocabulary: Deznahdorean

Deznahdorean—A mind-type of Wander culture..

One of the six Ways of Being of the Wanderers.

The Deznahdoreans are Dream Masters. For them, dreams exist not as a distraction, but as a means to an end. For the Dez, dreams are a doorway into subconscious organization processes native to mammalian nervous systems. The Dez use trance, a waking form of dream, to sift through and organize the deep structures of their minds. They think visually and in pure sensations of weight, heft, and vectors of force, not only on a personal, but a community-wide level. The great task of the Deznahdorean is to sift through their own Unconsciousness looking for ideas that have the greatest chance of being materialized, and that once operationalized, work for the good of all. This requires ending wishful thinking and the projection of personal desires and a total commitment to the good of All, which includes everything they can imagine and everything they can’t. It has been said of the Deznahdoreans that they can literally watch the arising of their own thoughts at very deep nervous system levels.