Aimea Approach the Light

30 Generations of Wanderers

part of: The Wanderers

by Lora of Many Generations

From the logs of Raynah Qwentalla, Friend of Earth, Guardian of the Portal, CE 3568, WE 11,568

First Generation—1950–2050
Gens average 100 years in length, average age when first child born: 30
The first Raynah circuits constructed.
T’zirth, Twilit Deznahdorean (1951–2017)

Second Generation—1980–2080

Third Generation—2010–2110
Robert—2012–2107 (returned 2099 from the 23rd Generation)
Moira—2009–2098 (entered the 23rd Generation)
The Gate goes active—2058

Fourth Generation—2040–2140
Lora—2043-dies on Rathe in the 23rd Generation.
Disintegration of Euro-US Economic Complex begins in earnest.
Rise of the Cults of One

Fifth Generation—2070–2170
TechLords evolved out of old Google GQuest CE 2132
2142—The Great Shaking begins.

Sixth Generation —2100–2200

Seventh Generation – 2145–2245
The Wanderers of the Isles Introduce their own calendar. (add 8,000 to the CE to get WE)
Raynah goes sentient—2159

Eighth Generation—2190–2300

Ninth Generation—2235–2345
Disintegration of Euro-US Economic Complex complete.

Tenth Generation—2280–2390
The Great Shaking peaks—2309
Cultural Wars—2314–2348
Paris Consortium forms—2362

Eleventh Generation—2325–2435
The Great Shaking at last comes to an end—2395

Twelfth Generation—2370–2480

Thirteenth Generation —2415–2535

Fourteenth Generation—2460–2580
Frieda Gazena and Peeter Schoon of the Copenhagen Institute are invited to examine Raynah—2478

Fifteenth Generation—2515–2635
(average age first child born: 55)

Sixteenth Generation—2570–2690
J,tara the Lonely—2652–2781

Seventeenth Generation—2625–2745

Eighteenth Generation—2680–2800

Nineteenth Generation—2735–2865
(Gens average 130 years in length)

Twentieth Generation—2790–2920

Twenty-first Generation—2845–2975

Twenty-second Generation—2900–3030

Twenty-third Generation—2955–3085
(average age first child born: 65 yrs)
Thais – 2957–3032
Malcolm – 2964–3010
Adana Nightstone – 2956–3034
Sheridan Bluestar – 2959–3034
Orriana—2959 – 3031
Kukor—2963 – 3034
Obidiara—2960 – 3029
Portal goes operational—3020

Twenty-fourth Generation—3020–3150

Twenty-fifth Generation—3085–3225
(Gens average 140 years)

Twenty-sixth Generation —3150–3290

Twenty-seventh Generation—3215–3355

Twenty-eighth Generation—3280–3420

Twenty-ninth Generation—3345–3485

Thirtieth Generation—3410–3560
(Gens average 150 years in length)