Winging On

Addendum to How to Read Tree3 Rules

part of: Goals

by Jeff Beardwood

The Oracular Tree has evolved over the years. That seems appropriate…Change is one of the continuing themes of our pages. We have made the transition from a homepage, to an enormous archive, to something a little more streamlined, but there have been 3 distinct periods in our evolution where we have undergone a nearly complete rebirth. Our original set up allowed a stream of consciousness approach to reading. Eventually it became clear we needed a way to harness the vast number of pages, much the same way humans have to organize vast amounts of knowledge in order to make it useful. So we created a much more streamlined Tree 2. It was a fresh blank page where we made visible only the current month’s features. Links were still available to previous posts after the change, but the years of work we had shared was no longer posted.

We started to miss that wealth and richness. We have found the last revamp, while slick and streamlined, may have lost some of the flavor on our previous pages. Part of the solution has been to repost favorites of old. But there is an additional step. We are launching Tree 3, a hybrid between the vast stream of consciousness approach from our earlier days and the more clearly navigated but less intuitive approach we’ve been using. We hope you will agree, this helps create an experience which transcends an ordinary literary website but still allows user friendly access to all of our pages. We hope it is a site worthy of your exploration.