Alternative Ways to Vote

part of: Definitions

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

Voting is about filling out a ballot, sure. Sure, there are all kinds of intricate rules governing access to that ballot in many places. The rules sometimes get in the way. If you are one of those people for whom the rules have gotten in the way you can vote with

your mouth: speak your piece respectfully
to everyone you meet!

your money: donate to the candidate of your choice.

your time: show up to canvas, call, campaign, enter data, take phone calls, put up flyers, etc.

These are all forms of voting, and in the land of the free and the brave we can all make use of them to respectfully communicate with each other about issues we feel are important
for the common good.

So, go out and vote today and everyday
for the common good! Oh and, on Tuesday,
Vote Obama.