Almost There

October 2008

part of: Ambika

by Carrie Radna

1. Last day at the Annex, history is covered by tarps and boxes; I am ready to leave
2. my sister-in-law is a ball of energy; by 10 pm she had organized all of the closets
3. part pack mule and dust buster, I see the apartment’s shape grow finer with family’s help
4. if I could keep my mother with me forever, then I would, but she’s going home
5. today is my quiet day, all work is finished, I revel in wonderful silence
6. first day at work I lose my email; squeezing possessions in a cubicle, people stare back
7. contentment is a dark spot on a crane’s back, I capture a few feathers over my head
8. still waiting to connect with the outside world; it’s a beautiful day
9. I forget my body during the Yom Kippur 24-hour fast; I completely lived in my mind
10. non-Jews flock to the opera on Yom Kippur, so I’m told by my new work buddies
11. shoes for work and a working teapot, thanks to wedding gift certificates from two years ago
12. returning items to Target and Container Store became more ordeal than chore
13. a walk in Central Park with my love and a movie marked the perfect Columbus Day
14. I imagine making my sister’s lemon chicken sometime this week, but before or after choir practice?
15. sheets against my skin felt so delicious, before eating meringues and studying dummy Wikipedia pages
16. stepping unto the Vivian Beaumont stage where South Pacific plays every evening was a major thrill this morning
17. walking up to 80th Street during lunch and back on Columbus Ave was a nice treat
18. my throat was raw at the end of Day 1 of the sweet escape from the city
19. between choir practices I walked and meditated, reveling in the powerful silence
20. I join the working begrudgingly after a picturesque fall weekend in the mountains
21. my limbs want to move vibrantly to my inner music at the jazz concert on my friend’s birthday party
22. watching The Umbrellas of Cherbourg made me realize how we should all treat one another with love and freedom
23. afterglow the day after caused me to oversleep, snuggling against my husband’s back
24. time to plan trips and workdays counting down towards the year’s end
25. waking up in the afternoon is one of Saturday’s greatest pleasures after dusting
26. grilling lime chicken after visiting the new Museum of Arts and Design was rather creative
27. my husband’s cooking experiment with beef tripe was successful; I can’t stand the stuff
28. morning rain is cold and hard, hot Chai tea is comforting to the body and soul
29. I will sing the praises of Nanoosh until the day I die, a rare treat before choir
30. purple cables line the doorways of the workroom; they are moving two more new people into the Shakespeare room
31. Halloween brings scary organ music and a messy desk, the romance of the macabre is slowly waning from my life