Aimea Saul -- Uncharted Motherland

Becoming Maria

part of: The Hidden Land

by Lora of Many Generations

Maria stepped out into the late afternoon sun of Ireland. The feel of the ocean stroking the land came through her feet, the salty tang of its breath caressed her lips, her eyes, her nose. Sticking her tongue out playfully, she tasted the pungent air. Twirling on the crux of the moment, she felt like dancing, so she did, to the music of the blood running through her veins, to the sound of the breeze through the trees, to the beat of her own passionate curiosity.

This evening she was going to the Hidden Land.

Her initial trepediation had passed. The encounters related by each of her comrades had built an ever-increasing urgency within her to go there, to find the places of Meeting between her and the minds and hearts of Uhl, Kierd, Tsoh, Teeka, Choja, and Arn. Her anticipation shimmered around her like a silver cloud. Marcia, approaching from the east stopped and watched as the sun set behind Maria, its light careening through the lens of her being. The story of her life was there for radiant moments: caution followed by passionate exploration followed by twilit meditation leading to total transformation. Maria was not who she had been when she was born.

Marcia laughed out loud. She loved Maria deeply…like a sister, like a best friend. They would travel all the days of their lives side by side.

“It is almost time,” Marcia called out! Maria ceased dancing with her anticipation and looked at the soft descent of the sun. “It is indeed,” she almost shouted.

Marcia laughed. “Come along then, you don’t want to miss your date with the Hidden Land.” The two proceeded into the shrine. The merry skies above the Hidden Land sang through the crystal in the ceiling. Robert was already there, Johnmarro too. Shekina and Moira arrived right behind Marcia and Maria. Kendra arrived last. Breathing deeply, exhaling completely, they all took their places.

The sun dipped low into the horizon as they began to chant. Then the sky above opened up and Maria streamed through into the Hidden Land.

“Welcome lovely one,” came a voice pungent as the morning breeze off the ocean. It shivered through Maria’s entire being. She felt cleansed, awakened, highly alive! “I am going to just LOVE this,” she thought.

Gentle laughter rippled through her.

Maria turned quickly around. Oh, there they were: Kierd, tall, lean and muscular with rich brown hair swirling about his shoulders; Choja brilliantly lit by purple and orange fabric cackling around her hips; Arn emanating stern complexity; Tsoh with soft jade skin, violet eyes, and magnificent white, waist-length hair; Uhl, her joy shimmering around her in white and blue iridescent waves; and Teeka with wide, wise, white eyes, and deep blue skin weathered by 94 years into the shape of his inner being.

Maria felt like dancing, so she did, to the invisible music of the blood pounding through her veins, the song of birds hidden all around, the music of the brook, the energy crackling in the eyes of these six amazing beings.

For hours the seven danced, long into the night as the two moons of the Hidden Land rode through the sky in silver and gold brilliance.

Finally, they sat by the brook and drank deeply.

“We can’t drink of the wild water on our planet any longer,” Maria said sadly. “It has been generations since it was safe to do so. The chemical plants in our cities make it potable, but the flavor, the savor, is long gone.”

The six sighed with her sadly. “This water tastes sweet and clean,” Maria continued. “It makes me feel light and fresh. I have never tasted such water.”

“Our Land’s natural purification systems are undisturbed,” Tsoh noted.

“We have controlled our population so that it is in balance with these systems,” Kierd continued.

“The art of conscious living,” Maria thought.

“Exactly,” Uhl laughed. “We have these big brains for a reason.”

Maria laughed. “Conscious living,” she thought in response. “Consciousness is used to get one’s way on our planet, not to live in harmony with anything or anyone, not even oneself.”

“We’ve noticed,” said Choja.

“We don’t know how to live very well at all,” Maria observed wryly.

“We’ve noticed,” said Teeka.

Maria sighed and looked at the moss under her feet, felt the resonance in the air around her.

“How can we have what you have here?” she asked at last.

“Transform yourselves,” Choja replied.

“Right,” Maria thought glumly. “Dinosaurs into birds, humans into what?”

“What do you know about the dinosaurs into birds stuff?” Tsoh asked. “I mean, really know?”

“Well, I know nothing about that,” Maria answered. “Our scientists have speculated for generations, based on genetic data, that that is what may have happened.”

“And so it did, at least certain dinosaurs morphed into the progenitors of birds,” Teeka said.

“But how, why?” Kierd asked. Maria looked at him. He was seriously asking the question.

“Well…evolution, response to changing circumstance which permits continued existence,” Maria speculated.

“Yes, exactly,” Kierd said. “So, the choices leading to the evolution of birds were shaped by?”

“Circumstances at the time,” Maria finished, laughing.

“Right,” Uhl said. “And your circumstances at this time are?”

“Well, we are way overpopulated, resources are dwindling, humans are either SICK of or obsessed with themselves and each other. We’re at a dead end,” Maria replied.

“And your Land?” Tsoh asked.

“Well, we have replaced most of the plant life with plants engineered to serve our short-term needs without reference to the needs of the biosphere,” Maria answered. “Ditto for the animal life as well. We can’t seem to manage elimination of the insects or the microbes, but genetic engineering seems to be helping to reduce them to just the ones we can put to some kind of use.”

“So you are all transforming the planet to suit your notions of what you want and need?” asked Kierd.

“Well, yeah,” Maria said tentatively. “I’m not sure that we ALL are. Some of us are. The rest of us are just going along for the ride.”

“How is just going along for the ride not participation in the transformation some are working on your planet?” Arn asked, speaking for the first time.

Maria sighed heavily. “I suppose it is.”

“It’s just that a certain segment of humanity have come to believe in the importance and inevitability of our ability to do whatever we wish. All of us believe our needs are the only ones that matter. Many of us believe the world and everything in it was created to serve us, that it belongs to us, that it is unimportant except for the fact that we evolved to take control of it. We feel that way about the whole Universe in fact, not just Earth.” Maria explained.

“Yes, we’ve noticed,” Uhl said wryly.

“So, you transform and create through control?” Arn asked firmly.

“Control of a planet and a Universe you ultimately do not understand or trust? Kierd asked.

“Control and use of a planet and a Universe you don’t recognize as alive and interactive,” Teeka said.

“Alive and interactive,” Maria laughed. “Most human groups don’t even know other human groups are alive and interactive. They don’t undertand what it is to be alive. They think of themselves as dead machines. Or if they do think of the Universe and the planet as alive, they circumscribe themselves with rituals and notions that keep them separate from circumstance as it changes – inner circumstances, outer circumstances,” she mused. “We are all out of phase with what is actually happening within and around us in one way or another.”

“No reciprocity or responsiveness between things?” Choja asked kindly.

“Ah, the capillary action between belief and event,” Teeka noted softly.

Maria sat with her head bowed between her knees pondering.

“What is the Universe,” she said at last, almost despairingly.

“It is alive,” Choja replied.

“That is the only answer there is,” Arn added.

“So, if we talk with It, it hears?” Maria asked.

“It responds,” Kierd answered.

“Not as a servant, certainly,” added Teeka. “Part of your race’s problems stem from wanting things and being disappointed when the Universe doesn’t immediately deliver what you asked for,” Arn said. “Some of you have responded by deciding the Universe is nothing but a big dead machine, so you behave like big dead machines yourselves, some have developed elaborate rituals to placate and manipulate the Universe. But these simply cage them in superstition and ancient fears. Some have developed elaborate explanations to account for Its mysteriousness and inexplicibility which separate them from direct observation of the moment. The fact is It is huge in every possible dimension. Its responses always come out of that hugeness, rather than the narrow range of considerations available to any individual or group of individuals.”

“Try to see this,” Kierd said. “Whatever you resonate the Universe responds to.”

“Thoughts and emotions create resonance,” Arn added.

“Deeds create resonance,” Uhl continued.

“If you want something you must first become that thing inside out,” Arn stated firmly.

“Otherwise everything you ask for, everything you make will create dependence rather than interdependence,” Tsoh softly related.

“What?” Maria asked.

“When you become what you ask for first, you resonate it out firmly becoming an active agent rather than a passive one,” Choja said.

“Whatever you get back tells a tale of the original resonance,” Arn added.

“A tale of the original resonance?” Maria asked.

“Yes, the structure, the shape, the motivation, the web of vectors through Time,” Choja replied.

“If you don’t get what you want or expect from the Universe, look first to what you gave out, it is there you can fix whatever needs fixing,” Teeka continued. “If you have become what you wanted first, it makes the response from the Universe much easier to figure out.”

“If narrow interests are at the core of your resonance, do not be surprised if they are not answered in kind. The Universe is too huge to respond narrowly,” Kierd added.

“It always responds within the entire context of individual resonance,” Teeka continued. “This is why It seems inexplicible to those with narrow or shallow resonance.”

“And as huge as any individual being can become, zie will NEVER be as huge as All that Is, Was or Ever Shall Be!” Uhl said emphatically!

“That is quite a context,” Maria agreed.

“That is precisely the context you ask things of when you ask things of the Universe,” Uhl said.

Maria sat in dense contemplation. Night drew to a close. The sun kissed the horizon awake. “I suppose I should go,” she said, not ready at all to leave.

“Why,” Uhl asked.

“Well, everyone else only stayed a short while,” Maria said.

“And that means precisely what?” Kierd asked. His eyes were merry, his smile inviting.

Maria laughed. “That they stayed only a short while, but I can stay longer?”

“That would be what it means,” Tsoh smiled.

“I need sleep,” she replied.

“Then let’s go somewhere where you can sleep comfortably,” Uhl invited.

“Well, okay,” Maria smiled back. “Lead on!”

Then the six lead Maria a short distance through the forest along the edge of the stream. Ahead the ground rose gently, then more sharply until she saw they were approaching a tall hill covered with trees. In its side was a cave. They walked in. The walls had been smoothed in places and decorated with frescoes and mosaics depicting forest and ocean scenes of the Hidden Land. The floor was soft dirt in places. But there were whole areas paved with flagstone upon which were deep woven rugs of many colors. In the back was a spring fed pool which had been diverted to bathing and drinking areas. There were tables and chairs made of a rich golden wood in one area, and deep futons in another.

“Are you hungry or thirsty lovely?” Choja asked.

“Both, really,” Maria said, suddenly realizing how hungry she was. They gave her delicious bread and cheese, and some strange purple juicy fruit to eat and fresh water to drink. It was enough.

Refreshed, she lay down on one of the futons and fell into a deep sleep and dreamt of a deep blue sky in which two glowing moons hung.

to be continued…