Pole Dancers

Blog Entry 5

part of: Og's Blog

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

Og be blogged. What am I to do? Since this absurd thing, Google, I have had no sex of any kind! Og has spent every waking hour attempting to find out what the future holds by entering in anything that comes off the top of his head, which was recently bonked with the designer club he ordered. It just appeared out of nowhere and fell on him.

He recovered somewhat later and began typing in things like “frilla,” whereupon he would turn to me, his eyes shining, a spot of drool on his chin and proclaim, “there are 21,000 entries for frilla!”

What the volcano is a frilla and is it safe that there are 21,000 of them wandering about in the world?

Sadly, I decided to try this odd thing myself. I sat down at the battered keyboard that had also appeared out of nowhere – I’m beginning to see why future humans will fear contact with objects of supernatural origin, as well as the beings sending them, and tapped keys at random – I’m a Neanderthal – what do you want from me! When I looked at what the random chaos in my brain had produced, I saw the symbols, “steekeel.”

I was quite pleased with myself. I too was a random symbol generator.

Og was leaning over my shoulder breathing heavily as the entries came up


He was not pleased!

“0,” he shrieked! Vreel, Thrick and Faz ran up to see what was going on.

“She has received a 0,” Og shrieked.

“But what does it mean?” Faz quivered. Since 0 had not been invented yet, well, it obviously had been by Google, I had googled one. But Vreel, Thrick and Faz weren’t up to speed!

“A clear sign of evil,” Vreel shrieked, his eyes ablaze with panic.

“The gods demand punishment of evil,” Thrick agreed hotly.

That is how I ended up at this stake about to be charbroiled for supper.

Always fear the gods and their crazy ideas!