Calling All Votes

part of: Goals

by Urvashi Long

Awaken sleeping beast of the human Conscience, and beasts are kinder than foes
these days….
…awaken Now. The time is ripe.
We are here with destiny at hand…strands of DNA in science’s hand explaining
The Dance of Life…..
not scientific triffle traffle, but the very essence and substance of what sets us
dancing together as creatures here on Earth
Blue among the Stars
We count but have not yet
Numbered. We are all spoiling for a fight when maybe we should think
Kiss. Hug. Make-out Make up, together figure out
down from in from up from out…because we are that far apart on most things,
Each of us living Life as we know it
In this very instance….so vote. Go vote the true face
Of your human conscience, and YES let yourself be reminded of the ten
Great commandments of Moses in the desert. They are wise guides for behavior….as
Long as you know who God is….do we? But I digress. Vote!