Fractal art by Linda Allison

Colors of sunlight

part of: Aspects of Being

by Carrie Radna

Colors of sunlight

by Carrie Magness Radna

The naked eye only captures gold from sunlight,
but, like songs set in the key of C,
it may look or sound easy, but it is not;

All specters of insurmountable color,
clearly defined by a human artist’s palette,
are trapped within the golden light:
One color is many colors,
one note feeds numerous songs.

Even those who brag about their supposed purity,
Are not purely pure anymore.
We all have hidden colors & bloodlines,
we come from many different places—-

Why stop those who are trying to become better
by coming here to make a new life & situation,
why demonize their children, steal their future
even when they were born here?

Do songs only exist when they are sold for mass consumption?
Do we have to sell ourselves to get ahead?
We need to breathe easy when we can do so,
even with pollution in the air,
even after the fires stop burning.

When I see sunlight hit all of our faces,
golden tones by Noon may by mined by our eyes first,
later frozen in time by Technicolor,
but the bright tones, still transparent within our minds
are yet to be discovered as we continue
to evolve
at our own pace.