Are You a Hologram?


part of: The Wanderers

by The Archives of Raynah

The Covenanting of Life has begun. What is our Covenant but just this,
that Life Itself calls to us always. We follow. We are taken. We surrender. We are made New,
Unbroken. We become fragments plus something entirely new
each time
we take a break from thought
to consider
just the moments forming within and around us
not entirely at random
becoming…... too swiftly to catch yet somehow
solidifying into
the byways we call memories. Turn around, turn around like a cat after its own tail
you won’t catch up with then and now…..yes, our pasts and our presents bumping up against each other,
and me and you-exponentially intersecting (how many billion of us are there anyway?). We are always intersecting with each other,
the moment, everything we know,
everything we don’t know, can’t know,
will never know
happening around us at all times such that we have no choice in the end
but to follow
in the dance…..give in to mysticism, exhilaration, or exhaustion,
pass from drink or laugh out
as it were. Inevitably we wake up into the next moment of which we were aware,
oh where oh where has my little dog gone, oh where or where….........just here
always and now
hell we lost it again. No matter…...for the blessed duration of our lives here together on planet Earth, blue among the stars, we have this stream we call memory surging out of the past
and into whatever we make of our own minds…..and with that in mind,
take it away Keith!!!