Creepy Life Moment #342

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

I’m going to tell you one of the creeepiest moments of my life:

I was going to Dallas from Norman, OK after work to eat at Kalachandjis—a 4 star veggie restaurant with authentic Hari Krishna temple attached—worth the 7 hour round trip drive after work!

Dudes, we are talking seriously delicious food!

So, we were driving down after dark,
and Dallas is lit up like an x-mas tree on Washington D.C. Mall after dark
—every fukin day after dark. I shit you not! How much raw electric power does that take anyway?

So, my friends and I are in a heated discussion about politics, and since we are hitting Dallas, we talk about JFK—most visitors to Dallas do. The conspiracy theorists who have the grassy knoll camped capitalize on this!

Anyway, we swing around on I-35E and rise up over a particular hill, from the top of which
‘x-mas every fukin night Dallas’
rises, stunning in the night
before our politicized eyes.
Dudes you have to see these lights to believe the majesty of them.

Just as we top that rise, Dion’s,
“Abraham, Martin, & John”
ode to the assassinations of Lincoln, JFK, RFK, and Martin Luther King
starts up on the radio! All that money rising out of the dry plain of north Texas
and that song. The people we need to worry about aren’t
crazy politicians.
It’s the people who fund them we need to worry about
it is the $5 adding up to
the public voting with their dollars as well as their ballots.

I can tell you the hair on the backs of all our necks rose then.

This is the irrational reason I really believe right now
we need to cast our ballots as well as our bucks
for Obama. The rational reason is becuz
best current evidence links the Republicans
to a ‘hard-core make money at any expense’ crowd.
Maybe Obama is hooked into those dudes
and maybe not,
but at least the odds are 50/50 that
he is not.