Eagle Mind

Dear Oracular Tree

part of: Postcards to the World

by Celeste Roth

How do insights help me? Should I try to not follow them in order to obtain the ‘deeper unfolding’? Insights are seductive. They make my brain happy. The deeper unfolding is in my torso and the impact is less distinct. I can’t trace a benefit. Yet the only benefit I can trace from insight is a pithy set of words; which admittedly I can say to other humans. Goal driving to growth. Growth is a need. A better expression of what I want than improvement. Growth like a plant or tree- branchingout – shooting in a new direction, possibly unplanned, unpredictable, surprising. Can’t necessarily be called an improvement. Perhaps i am even less competent in the new activity/direction than the old knwoledge. GROWTH!! Is a tree ‘improving’ when it grows? I don’t want to get into what words mean but exploration and expansion rather than pursuit of some unknown perfection. A perceived “flaw” like cancer or not being able to do the splits is just an opportunity for growth – and the growth could be in various directions – maybe acceptance, maybe learning, etc. Maybe even new connections to people or resources.