Night Swimming

Diary Entry: Paulie of the Wanderers, March end, 26th, 2001.

part of: Entirely At Random

by Test

We are where we are
in our molecules. right where they are. our molecules mimic past stimuli. this is getting into neuroscience. please bear with me. memories are replications of ion channel activation patterns among neurons and other cells living in our body as activated by adjacent cells. Our body is made of complex networks of cells. Cells are molecular structures run by their DNA/RNA symbiont executives. Molecular Types: executive (RNAs), power (ATP, kinases), scrappers (scavenger molecules), and builders (molecular cascade species, enzyme species, etc). Cell Types: Executive (Neurons, Nephrons), Power (brainstem tonic firing neuron fields, i.e. the reticular activating system, substantia nigra), Builders (stem cell species), Scrappers (Osteoclasts, etc), etc. We won’t even get into ion species (H+, Ca++). Each has its own life and activities which support the entire structure of the larger biomass within which it lives and dies. Life-based creatures all operate by certain processes, but I digress. I guess my message to myself and you today is that we could choose to initiate the Great Re-Inventing. Yes, we get to update our explanations for what is going on and how best to deal with it. We are fast becoming different than past generations on many fronts. we are acting, and thus, becoming history. The looking back is decades off. We are escalating, we are sprinting, we are turning over the compost in the garden, we are reLearning the ways of Earth. We are adapting to our own constantly enlarging picture of the world that is. we are forgetting and relearning and forgetting and relearning etc etc ad infinitum the ways of trust. of trust. of trust. and that therein
the rub. hugs.