Escape from the Pipeline

A Dot

part of: Testimony

by Scott Outlar

As I wake with the dawning of day, I realize that as the sun peeks out above the trees in the distance, a Renaissance, a daily rebirth of life on Earth takes place. And so too with me. Each morning is a new chance to evaluate what it is that I represent and what my place is in this world and in this society that I am a part of. An opportunity to ponder my purpose, both locally and globally, as an American, as a westerner, as a human being, and as a sentient life form.

What do I represent? What is my purpose? Who am I? Why am I here? These and many other questions tumble around in my brain as I walk the street of my neighborhood and then out onto the road my neighborhood is connected to. Like these roads and streets that I walk, I too am a microcosm of a macro environment. I am the street that is connected to the road that is connected to the highway that is connected to the byway that is connected to the interstate that bridges over a stream that flows into a river that flows into an ocean that gets its water from the rain that falls from the clouds that float up in the sky, seemingly defying gravity, hovering in the atmosphere of the planet Earth which is one planet in a galaxy which is one galaxy in a universe which is one universe in a solar system.

I am a dot on the map. I am a blip of consciousness. I am alive. I am flesh. I am blood. I am organic matter. I am atoms compounded together to form the miracle of existence. I am small and infinitesimal compared to the vastness of infinity. I am large and weighty compared to the insect situated on a blade of grass. I am somewhere in the middle. I breathe. I taste. I smell. I hear. I see. I think. I am connected with the primal electric energy that comes from the collective consciousness source.

Each morning, outside my kitchen window, yellow day-lilies open up and bloom. I take my cue from these wonderful flowers and realize that I too can bloom each morning.

Through morning, afternoon and night, the trees stand tall and firm in the woods, giving off oxygen in exchange for carbon monoxide. The trees do not complain about their lot in life, so why in the world should I?

I have a nice house with a strong roof that protects me from harsh weather and storms. I have warm clothes that I can wear to insulate my body from the cold. I have food to eat and water to drink so that my body and mind are nourished. What have I to complain about? Nothing so long as I stay centered and balanced. Nothing so long as I remain enlightened as to what my purpose is in the process of all the goings on in life.

I am alive, yet at some point, I will perish. I know this. All that has ever been born has died. No surprise. No big shock value. So what have I to fear knowing that I will encounter the same fate as all that has ever come before me? Nothing so long as I stay aware of what my position and place are in life.

What is my position? What is my place? What is my purpose in the process? I am a dot of life in the unknowable vastness of all that is. Should I feel insignificant in the face of such enormous considerations? No, of course not. I am what I am. Nothing more. Nothing less. How could it be any other way? It can not. As soon as I accept this fact and come to terms with what the reality of my situation is, the sooner I will have peace.

So why not have peace right now? Why not have true illumination and inner-peace right away? There is no reason not to. There is no outside force holding me back from realizing peace and happiness right now, in this very moment. The only possible opposition comes from within, from my own mind. But why have an enemy in myself? There is no rational reason. So I will not.

Nietzsche says that power is happiness and that the will to power is the way to become an overman. But over what? Why is there any need to climb higher? Why not be at peace on whatever level one is currently residing on? There is no good reason not to be.

Peace is a possibility at the bottom of the mountain where the journey begins; at the middle of the mountain where progress can be evaluated and taken into account; and at the top of the mountain where the air is most pure and reflection about all the stages of the climb can be considered.

Schopenauer says that the only thing that we owe to anyone is what we ourselves need. What is it that we need? Love. And so, we owe love to others. Everyone needs love, thus everyone owes love to everyone else. Pretty simple, really. No tough trick.

Life is a long journey that is made up of shorter voyages. The present moment is always a time when a new voyage can begin which furthers the overall journey into experiences that bring about peace and happiness. The past will always remain where it is, behind us. All mistakes happened at some point in the past, therefore, all mistakes are behind us. To hold onto regrets is to sin against the present and disrupt the oncoming future. To learn from mistakes of the past in order to make better decisions in the present is to honor and pay tribute to what has come before and set up the best scenario for what can still come about in the future.

There is no such truth as “too late”. There is always the present moment in which to make changes. Time is ever-constant and ever-continuing. Time, on the physical plane of reality where our mortal souls reside in the third-dimension, is defined as forward moving. To be in harmony with the reality of time is to be progressively moving forward. Not to be dwelling on the past.

Change is one thing, progress is another. Which means that it is not enough to simply change. Change must produce results that improve, evolve and enhance a situation to be considered progress. I can climb onto the roof of my house with the intention of stopping up a leak but before getting started fall off and break my arm. That certainly would be considered change. If, while up there, I nail down some shingles to plug up the hole, and then clean my gutters out before coming back down the ladder, progress has been made. Big difference.

It is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. There are innumerable conditions to be met, stations to reach, and material possessions to seek in an effort to satiate the desires of the world. But striving for such things is a never-ending process. It is better to be content with what you have in life and accept the position you are in. Do these things along with working hard and you will have happiness in life. You are in control of your inner-peace.