Winging On

The Experiment

part of: Metacognition

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

We are coming into an era of progressive government action. That means government is setting the moral tone for US citizen behavior. This scares some people. It scared me when the Bush administration did its progressive acting.

But, I postulate this feeling of fear by some portion of our People has occurred to greater or lesser degrees under every administration we have ever had. Google US political history and spend four evenings reading at random. Correlate social rest/unrest, economic hierarchies of class, artisic expressions (poems, music, visual arts), cultural expressions (laws, architecture, political hierarchies of class), and mystic expressions (religion, metaphysics, philosophy, hierarchies of value, natural sciences). You will see a strong resonance between the behavior of the chief ruling classes and social rest/unrest. I leave it to you to discover the patterns in those correlations. My hypothesis is most of us will note the same pattern, even in the absence of discussing our perception of such with all and sundry. But I digress.

In this era of progressive government action, our Commander in Chief is motivated by transparency, aid, and cooperation to all those who cooperate and to all those who don’t. He recognizes legitimate differences of interest and postulates different interests can be harmonized through honest public dialog and action, and that resulting actions will be better by orders of magnitude than those produced by oppositional politics and action.

Of course, not everyone agrees with these hypotheses or goals. He welcomes their insight and input into our common problems as a People. Witness: We can all go there and leave comments and suggestions on the issues which concern us.

I propose a further experiment.

Let everyone, all and sundry go to and give advice to the executive branch of our government. This is unprecedented access to the highest realms of political power. The tide of words will be wise, wonderous, and probably overwhelming in its breadth – its diversity. Does our Commander know a task now is to respond to the wisdom of the People, to absorb, understand and integrate a multitude of local concerns which contribute to our Nation’s welfare? For guidance in these matters he need look no further than the Constitution for wisdom on balancing these two extremes. What I’m referring to is the parameters of state’s rights. It is right there in the Constitution.

The insight of federalism was to mediate between the needs of an entire nation and the needs of its constituent governing elements. As we all know, local needs often differ from global needs, thus the need to mitigate between these two poles of social experience. States are more local than Federal, thus they are indeed in a better position to make certain kinds of laws. Here we get into the definition of Federal and State laws and their applicability in courts of law. Indeed, this is a thorny thicket, but state’s rights can guide our Chief, our Government, and We the People. Why shouldn’t state laws disagree with federal laws in matters of personal and moral responsibility (the other 9 commandments) and ethical conduct (thou shalt not kill). For instance, people who want access to safe abortion at the state level are set in opposition to those who want to deny access to abortion. These two groups really do need to talk and make laws that reflect the infrastructure of their local society. In democratic societies local opposed groups sit down face to face and talk things through. Thus, infrastructure is strengthened. The lesson of our > 200 years as a democratic society is just this: Sit down and talk to the folk in your area. The folk are different than people in the next county, state, country. They are people you have personally known for more than 20 years. You agree with some of these folk and disagree with others on diverse topics. I suggest an experiment. Seek out those with whom you disagree. Dialog with them peacefully, even if things are rocky at first. Believe that patience will allow true communication to be established. I further propose you discover each other’s core positions. Evaluate them as though you genuinely shared them. Really do an in-depth, unbiased analysis of each other’s position….just do all that for about four months, then turn around and look at what you’ve experienced. Cull what you’ve learned as insights into each other. These insights can be used to build a solid working relationship with a member of your community I predict you will now respect each other, even if you still don’t agree. Isn’t that what we do every day with each other that makes American society work to the degree it does? We do have social unrest we need to settle through the application of compassion and fairness to everyone involved, but we are getting to work on those issues now. That is why We the People must go to often and leave our messages in the email bottle for what we hope will be remembered as the most transparent, fair administration until that point in US history.