Night Swimming

In the Eyes of the Nightmaster

part of: Journey to Andromeda

by Lora of Many Generations

by Lora, Twilit Majz of the Fourth Generation


Or any one of the other beings undulating around the Shoreworld platform! Moira knew that as spectacular as the star-studded sky overhead was, as strange and majestic as this world in the white heart of Andromeda would prove to be, nothing would ever strike her as deeply as these beings.

Their skin seemed translucent. When they moved she could see what looked a bit like scales, snake scales, silver generally, with a hint of iridescence around the edges.

“They are faceted,” she thought in awe.

“Yes,” Uhl replied inside her mind. “They process radiation. In fact, we can’t stay here long. Our bodies are not adapted for the level of radiation present. All these fabulous stars generate quite a lot of radiation! The Kahlmorah digest it. We cannot. If we planned to stay long, they would grow protective skins for us, but we won’t be doing that this time around.”

“Wow,” Moira breathed. “The Kahlmorah…that is what you call these beings?”

“Yes,” Uhl answered.

Moira continued to study them as Kantara walked slowly toward Ozahldrian.

The Kahlmorah had what looked like dreadlocks on their heads, but they moved, like a garden of extremely slender, multi-colored snakes. In fact, each one of the Kahlmorah’s snakes moved in unique, sinuous dances hypnotic to watch. The light from the moons and stars reflected off them as though they were covered in drops of water.

“You can always tell their moods by watching their hair,” Uhl commented.

“Hair?” Moira breathed.

“Well, extensions of their central nervous systems actually. The strands, which we call morai, sense position in space relative to many things, including other Times,” Uhl stated. “The Kahlmorah can travel through Space and Time at will…no technology required!”

“I see,” Moira said, simply registering now, recording. Comprehension and belief would have to come later.

“They are a race far older than ours,” Uhl said, “Four, maybe five times older. We aren’t sure. They measure Time very differently that we do, largely because they do with it what they will.”

“Ah, of course,” Moira nodded, recording.

Uhl smiled, “Yes, well, as far as we can translate, their race is between 800 million and a billion years old.”

“Right,” Moira said, blank.

“Let’s go introduce you to Oza,” Uhl said.

“Right,” Moira replied.

Kantara stood directly in front of Ozahldrian. Several of his morai were stroking her face. She was gazing at him rapturously. They seemed to be breathing together, at least Kantara was breathing. Ozahldrian was undulating with the rhythm of her breathing. Kantara’s eyes shimmered brighter than the three moons of Shoreworld.

As she approached, Moira noticed his eyes for the first time. They were almond shaped, but swept up at the outside corners, and slightly down at the inside. There was almost no cornea showing. He had huge irises. They were ultramarine with streaks of indigo and purple. As she got closer, she became totally fascinated. His irises seemed to be in motion…to be a series of filaments or fibers moving, almost breathing.

“They actually don’t have eyes,” Uhl thought into her. “The structures you are seeing have formed in response to Kantara. In fact, Kahlmorah bodies are malleable and can reflect, somewhat, the being they are addressing! They see with their morai. They can see many wavelengths of light we are unable to see, as well as various other electromagnetic waves. They also sense chemicals in the air at very fine concentrations. They can even resolve patterns in Time.”

“That’s a whole lot of information,” Moira gasped.

“It is indeed,” came a deep, resonant mind straight into hers. She felt the meaning undulate through her nerves in waves, exit her toes, her scalp, her nose. She felt Ozahldrian’s awareness for a brief moment…her existence inside him as sets of patterns interlocking, revolving, radiating.


A sensation like clear light shining through a forest of kelp in a tropical sea radiated through her.

“Why do I think of him as a he?” Moira wondered suddenly.

“Because that is what he is!” Kantara laughed gently. “Your senses are well-developed my friend!”

Moira advanced closer. Oza’s body was tall, slender, and ended in a tail probably 20 feet in length, the thickness of a large boa constrictor where it reached the ground, tapering to a very small tip. She noticed several other of the Kahlmorah undulating along the ground.

“So, that is how they walk,” Moira said out loud.

Uhl and Kantara laughed. The surface of Oza’s shimmering body changed hues, a swirling pattern of forest green and purple appeared where one might expect a bipedal hominid to have a chest, rotated around and around, then slowly dissipated. He was silver again.

Moira had just witnessed the Kahlmorah equivalent of a laugh. She suddenly noticed he had no arms.

“They have no arms!” Moira thought, amazed she hadn’t noticed before.

“They manipulate energy. For that, they need only their morai and various other organs with no human equivalent,” Kantara thought into her.

“They manipulate energy!” Moira repeated.

“Yes, lovely,” Uhl laughed softly. “They are feeling you right now, absorbing your patterns. Oza is watching you. I think he likes you. Watch his morai as you speak with him instead of the eyes he will wear for you. You will learn a great deal!”

“Okay,” Moira said, lost in wonder.

She watched his morai. He undulated close to her, close enough that she could smell him—musk and frankincense, cinnamon and nutmeg, vanilla and sea salt. She felt her heart begin to beat heavily, her vagina swell with….erotic anticipation. She was shocked at her own reaction.

“Don’t be alarmed,” Kantara thought. “He has that effect on all of us.”

Moira made an effort to watch Oza’s morai, though the eyes that formed where his face should be were compelling indeed, two scintillating, ultramarine voids beckoning. Around them a sparkling pattern of what looked like drops of water formed.

“Oh, he does like you,” Kantara commented, her thoughts dense with excitement. “We did well to bring you here!”

“Let him touch you, lovely,” Uhl instructed gently.

She did.

Ozahldrian undulated closer, reached out and placed the soft, moist tip of one of his morai, about 3 feet in length, right in the center of her forehead. It was deep blue with green and yellow streaks. At first she felt nothing, though all his morai immediately began to change colors and undulate. The pattern was fascinating, the motion of the morai, the changing of the colors….then she felt him enter her.

“He has found the chemical entry,” she felt Kantara say to Uhl, distantly. “We weren’t sure he could match human chemistry! This is most exciting! He will be able to speak directly to her neurons.”

She felt a deep blue ocean wash through her, then she was lying naked upon a white sand beach. The sky above was deep blue. The white pearl of a distant sun laughed overhead. A human man lay beside her. His eyes were ultramarine blue. He was muscular with dark, curly hair hanging free upon his shoulders. A breeze tossed them about artfully, coiling the strands here and there, forming and unforming sigyls startling and sensual. He was naked too.

“Hello my flower, my new friend! Shall we speak this way for a time?”

Moira had entered the mindworld of the Kahlmorah and Ozahldrian.

to be continued…..