Angela "Wizzle" Wilczynski ~ Golden Road

The Final Vow

part of: Cults of One

by The Archives of Raynah

The Life of Paulie of the First Generation

The Final Vow.

Part the 1.

The delicious days of life pass quickly. How long is a human life? In my culture, I can look forward to living for 77 years on average ( On average, commonly.

The world is made up of the common. Moments. Persons. Cats. Rainfall. Gravity. Time passes too swiftly to waste it! Find the Path and walk it. Time is sweet. Lose the Path and long, suffer, dance down toward death as a lover not a mystery……yes, I take the Name of Mystic upon myself willingly. As a mystic I search for ideas that link our lives directly to the source of Life…whatever that is. Here I am a militant mystic <–> that is meant as a joke. Militancy is for WoW (, mysticism is for the living. That being said, truthfully I have no certitude about the real of source or sources of Life and what we should do as humans while we are here and alive….like you are if you are reading this right now. That is why I have left this written record in cyberspace for anyone to find. These words truly are in a time bottle, packets, information vectors bouncing among networks of cells on my end, and circuits on the cyber-end….and thus those who read can write back. Conversation can begin…such is the joy of Facebook….but I digress. The Vow continues.

I live my short life among people, influences, sunsets, lovers, moments that are unique to me. Further, the DNA and RNA symbionts who give rise to my body are unique (amazon: Molecular Biology of the Cell, Third Edition). I am like all other living beings in this regard. So, paradoxically I am common, like all other living beings, in my uniqueness and the fact that I must make my way through all other living beings as I live.


What should I do with this information? Should I find a guru to help me understand my uniqueness and my path, or should I find many gurus? Should I sit and meditate for many hours each day? Well, I wasn’t born in such a culture, so I won’t be doing that. Yes indeed… culture has a lot to do with the choices I was faced with. The fact that I call my life a Path should tell you loads about my possible culture of origin, but if you are curious for facts, here are some regulation demographics: I am a human female, born in the year 1954, I work for the Celestial Seasonings Tea Company in Boulder, Colorado…
Because I am unique, because my circumstances are different than the generation before me, I must have the courage to ask my questions of Life Itself. Thus I commit myself to the Way of Question, that being the Outward Form of my practice. But what about my passions….how shall I choose the Path of my Body and what does that mean in plainer terms? What do I love? What repels me? What do I fight for, love for, capitulate for, desire? These things are mine and mine alone, born of living each moment in my body with its capacities, states, experiences, and appetites. What draws me most?

These are all questions for the body. What draws my body most? I have sought that answer for decades. I have found it. Compassionate Witness. I choose this as the Inward Form of my practice.
Thus, my final vow is simply this: “I commit myself to the solo practice of compassionate witness and respect for all who live on this planet Earth, blue among the Stars. No persons shall abridge my right to do so, pursuant to the rights due me as a consequence of the First Amendment, Constitution, USA.” Thus I become a Cult of One. One small being alive on this vast Earth of canyons, wild rivers, deserts, deep forest, overflowing cities, and atmosphere, clinging blue to green Earth, following Sol among the Stars, whose end astronomers have not yet found or calculated.
End of part the 1
To be continued…..