Aimea Saul -- Uncharted Motherland

Fireside Conversation

part of: The Wanderers

by The Archives of Raynah

Darlings, you know that much of the Sufi work transmitted by the teacher, Dunya, was probably developed in the tribes of Old Persia—and I’m talking way back into the first Persian empire—yeah, those guys Sparta eventually fought in the Battle of Thermopylae. Well, the history of that region goes back beyond Neolithic times. In fact, there are those who speculate the myth of Cain and Abel comes from the time of human transition (in the Middle East, Old Europe and Old China) from exclusively nomadic herders to farming (Daniel Quinn is a good fictional read on this idea, Jade). The comparative study of the myths of each human group is immensely illuminating and suggests people on the shores of the pacific rim in Asia and those in the Levant and Old Europe (British Isles through Georgia in Russia) knew of each other—if only in fireside tales. Anyway,nomadic herding and farming were competing social structures—some social historians maintain the conflict between the Celts (whose range extended from the mountains and plains of north Old China, southern Mongolia, northern India, the Caucasus, northern tribal Europe, then into the British Isles) and the Romans (north Africa, tribal continental and Mediterranean Europe, Greece, the Levant and briefly the British Isles) represented the turning point when nomadic forms of life were finally abandoned for farming and urban life, but I digress. The upshot of all that history is that Afghanistan is on the Silk Road between China and Britain. That Road was ever the frontier of war, if history is any guide. The lived in truth of this is that It has been in a state of armed conflict for generations that would require more resources than I have to count or document….You can google history-Afghanistan or Persia or “Neolithic—Middle East” or “Paleolithic—Middle East” to check what I have said. For the sake of explanation I have summarized information gleaned from classes in the archeology of the middle east and Old Europe, and 30 years of reading in related historical and speculative literatures. Thus, I’d like us to participate in the effort to stablize that region once and for all—get rid of war as life and replace it with cooperation as life.

But how? asked little Jade., T’zirth replied.

Indeed, Kiva, U’Jzur agreed.

“Micro-enterpreneurs!” E’Lora exclaimed!

“Indeed,” White Wolf agreed.