Eagle Mind

The Great Shaking

part of: The Wanderers

by The Archives of Raynah

Related by Windwalker Robbhyn of the First Prefecture, Old China Road 4332, Nanking, Year of Our Lord 2509 [Gregorian].

In the Year of Our Lord 2142 [Gregorian], planet Earth, like some great beast, shrugged Itself into a new shape. This shape was so unlike the one previously known that future generations would cease to remember anything but their new, very different form. Of course by shrug I mean earthquakes of massive proportion that continued for 253 long years. The frequency peaked in the most terrible Year of Our Lord 2309. Whole lands disappeared beneath new seas. Waters previously deep poured into deep chasms, cooling the thirsty throat of molten magma toiling there beneath whole continents.

Nothing in remembered human history, save tales of the Biblical Flood, had prepared our forbears for what Life would demand of them. Yes our very survival as a race was at stake.

The Shaking did not fully stop until 2395. The miracle of that number surviving the previous centuries is a point of pride among Earth’s last human survivors.

This is our tale. This is our story of the madness and the glory of living through generations when nothing could be counted on but the strength in one’s own mind and body, and those of their friends.

to be continued…