Archer~ Blue Explosion

The Great Shaking Part 2

part of: The Wanderers

by The Archives of Raynah

It is recorded that in 2142 the Great Shaking began…but that is human demarcation for the sudden shift ( in geologic time) of entire Earth plates. Earth’s ongoing deformation goes back to its beginnings. The end of its deformation will occur when Sol goes nova or collapses in on Itself. Yet, in the year humans called 2142, Earth plates began shifting swiftly…for geologic time anyway. As we all know, Earth contains a solid iron core surrounded by layers of rock of varying degrees of plasticity, ranging from solid to liquid. The surface ‘plates’ within and upon which all life forms make their living, are solid formations subject to erosion, and ambient temperatures and pressures. The movement of these plates is subject to systems behavior. We know now that systems of pressures interacting in distributed and parallel fashion drive the motion of Earth’s surface plates. In 2142, a redistribution of pressure via extant pressure conduction vectors (subduction and other zones) began in earnest. The cities we built were shaken to the ground. We do not build cities any longer. Instead we build distributed networks of small structures, highways made of lives along which Clans provide family structure. Guilds provide necessary services to the whole human community linked across this tormented globe. If one area is shaken, we take in those victims. We save them and their knowledge. In this way, we survive, and the memory of the human race that extends back in time to the Paleolithic is not erased.
Layna Rabinovitch of the Solar Clan
CE (Common Era) 2249, WE (Wanderer Era) 10,249