Polarity Defined

How To Hand Make Your Mind. Complete Instructions.

by The Archives of Raynah

Put on music that makes you feel focused.

Move in whatever manner you wish for as long as you like.

Note the effect perfect freedom to choose movement and duration has on your perception of the task and your ability to execute it.

Solve those conundrums through movement. Move until you are hot and liquid inside, then read the following:


We stand at a cross-roads as a race. Not since agriculture, animal husbandry, mathematics, medicine, poetry, history, music, and technology exploded during the Neolithic has our race encountered such a change of venue, both personally and culturally. Before the neolithic we were wanderers, learning the ways of plants, animals, the seasons, the course of rivers, what it took to survive. Somewhere in all that we developed language, learned how to make material and mental tools, and to ask the questions that still torment us: Where did the Universe come from, of what is It made, what does It want from us, who are we, what do we want from us, and from each other, one on one? All of this was Tech, because it was an elaboration on what occurs as a matter of course in Nature.

Beginning with the industrial revolution, Tech has extended our minds’ reach deep into the past and out speculatively to the end of this iteration of the physical Universe. We have penetrated the secrets of numbers and atoms, and are on the cusp of understanding, in a very general way, the DNA/RNA symbiont which is probably the foundation for all life on Earth.

So, we have not just entered TechWorld, we have lived here for a long while. This we must realize.
since we made the first thought, the first
word we have been Tech. Anything we have made that was not random sampling variability
in action, those things which we have retained as culture and
passed on from generation to generation,
those things shape us as surely as the moon pulling the tides
or any other ecological force has.


Have you ever heard that Bon Jovi song, Wanted Dead or Alive?
It has a great line: “I’ve got the night on my side,” and in neuroscienc-ese, that equates to the implicit realms…welll in my head at any rate.
wait, you might not have read cog neuro. silly me. Google “implicit memory” to get a sense of what I mean…continue reading when you feel ready.


Poetry arises from the implicit realms:
emotions, fears, joys, passions,
all body sensations,
and the info from organs affected by the fight or flight systems,
well, in my own private universe anyway—the one in my head.

This is the deal—the thing neuroscience teaches us:

we can only be the maps between our own nerves,
but the map is never the territory—sucks to be us sometimes.


Who is in your head right now?
Who made what is in your head
right now?
How was what is in your head right now made?
Describe the procedure carefully.

Go to bed eventually.
Sleep. You will remember
but what
upon awakening?

Journal if you wish
and goodbye