Archer~ Blue Explosion

The Hidden Land

part of: The Hidden Land

by Lora of Many Generations

Moira felt an enormous swoosh and rush through all her nerves. She had dreamt such a feeling once before when she was a teenager and it had scared her into rigidity. This time she was prepared though and just let go and rode the feeling…she was vaguely aware of the feeling of iridescence all around her then


among swaying trees….sunlight, cool air, moss beneath her feet.

She looked up, her mind a blur,

into a deep blue sky. She mouthed the word “Robert!”

Then she looked around. She was indeed facing a huge tree in the midst of a forest. In fact, looking around, she noticed all the trees were huge, the size of sequoias, but this particular one seemed to be rowan. She had never seen a rowan this size before.

Looking down the trunk of the spectacular tree, she turned around and saw two things: The forest going on in all directions unbroken and six people standing in an arc around her smiling….one had skin of soft black, one had skin like new cream, one had skin of shimmering copper, one had skin of deep citrine yellow, one had skin of sky blue, and one had skin of forest green. Their eyes were deep and calm, but merry, like young children are merry without care. She didn’t really notice their hair or their clothing just yet. She opened and soaked in the flavors of their thought, their love, and the energy emerging from their eyes.

“Is this the Hidden Land,” she asked suddenly, the sound of her voice crackling through the air….it seemed impossibly harsh, like she had used way too much force.

In fact, the six reeled back, almost like she had delivered them a blow.

In shock she stared, wide-eyed at the woman directly in front of her….tall, black, with hair in a thousand tiny braids, skin tattooed with intricate designs in a rainbow of colors, her loins draped in scarlet and electric blue silky fabric, her breasts hanging free in the quiet breeze, nipples laughing.

“I’m, I’m sorry,” she whispered as softly as she could….

The fabulous woman in front of her relaxed….she felt in her mind and her chest the idea that everything was okay, but that she should just be still and let them show her a few things.

Moira nodded in assent…quietly…she nodded quietly, becoming acutely aware of how deeply sensitive these beings were. Every nerve impulse registered with them.

Moira felt one of them thinking, “she is harmonized enough to hear us this way….” this impression felt swift, fiery, yet firm, the images of an eagle racing on the wind, a wolf padding through the snow, a dolphin leaping over the waves hit her in quick succession.

Another feeling, as musical as wind through the trees, as fragrant as hyacinths on the breeze entered her, “yes, her heart and her mind are open.”

“And they actually talk felicitously with one another…” another feeling laughed, a firm feeling, a crystalline disciplined feeling—a sword wielded by a hand acute, sagacious, sharp, precise, compassionate, aware.

She felt all six sigh deeply in relief. Then they approached her and indicated by gesture that she should lie down. They showed her where.

Right at her feet on the soft, fragrant moss of the forest floor was an indentation where it appeared many bodies had lain. And around it out from the head were the imprints of six other bodies. Beyond the feet of the first indentation was the huge rowan. At the feet of the six indentations radiating out from the head of the first were huge geodes and beyond the geodes, smaller trees. A stream rippled further beyond. Birds sang overhead, unlike any birdsong Moira had ever heard. She noticed there were many of them, yellow, blue, red, orange, green, black, white, sitting in the trees all around, singing, singing, singing. She had not noticed them a moment before.

Again she felt the request to lay down in the single indentation.

She did. As her back hit the soft moss beneath her, a wave of peace unlike anything she had ever encountered entered her. She felt the heartbeat of this Hidden Land deep beneath her.

Looking up she saw the sky high above the Trees, she felt the music of the sun as it wandered on its merry journey through the Milky Way….the bright, hot song of the sun weaving among the planets, weaving them together, felt it clearly as energetic impulses down in the core of her bones. She grew lost in the music of the sun and the planets….for a moment the thought occurred to her that for some reason energy impulses were magnified enormously in The Hidden Land…things that one would never even notice on Earth were HUGE here….even the music of the spheres….it hit her then too, this was the music of the spheres she was feeling…her whole being sighed in relief and the tensions of a lifetime faded into the moss. She felt the honest Oneness of all things as a reality rather than an ideal.

…gravitation is the music of bodies in motion! You have ridden the symphony of our solar system’s melodies here to speak with us on this Day!

This impression came to her from one of the six, who had now lain down in the other indentations. This “voice” rippled like water through her, like oceans breaking on eternal shores, like streams leaping playfully down from the mountains, like cool lakes meditating on their own placid depths. The heads of the six were mere inches from hers.

She knew they were going to show her many things.

“The Day of the Field has ended and the Stream rises again,” one began….the creamy voice of the breeze….

“From our long sleep we now awaken,” a voice deep like the sky at midnight continued.

“To do the things we have dreamt of for lo these 10,000 years,” came a green voice like the shoots of flowers in the spring surging up through moist soil.

“We are the Guardians of the Knowing…” the midnight voice said…

“...of the forces and forms present in this Time and Place,” the creamy voice sang.

“We have walked this Place for 300 million of cycles of the Hidden Land….” the ocean voice added.

They were singing to her….her whole being vibrating with their thoughts, their emotions….

She briefly wondered if this is what E’Lora had picked up on while dreaming of the Veganians….

The swift voice of the eagle tickled the inside of her mind and laughed, “perhaps.”

She felt a deep thing then…that the Veganians were even more hidden than this Land and the time to speak of them and their business in this part of the Universe to one of the Wayward Land would not occur for 30,000 years.

The ocean voice smoothed her heart and mind and this knowing passed into her subconscious unremarked.

Instead her mind turned to them…

They had looked human. They felt human, but smooth and rich inside. She searched for an idea to encompass the difference she was feeling between humans and these beings.

“We are harmonized,” came a thought from the midnight sky.

“Harmonized,” Moira thought back.

“So, that is what all the discipline is for,” she thought. “To create harmony…”

“Yes,” came the breeze… “harmony that allows power to be used easily, efficiently.”

“No fuss, no muss, no waste,” Moira laughed.

“Indeed,” came the eagle mind.

For a brief moment the interplay of forces in the solar system became crystal clear to Moira….the Hidden Land sat in the sweet spot of the symphony that was this solar system….energy here was magnified and purified by the prevailing forces. The Wayward Land, Earth, sat in a swirl of forces that felt like the riptides of the north Atlantic at the approach of winter. Energy there was dissipated easily and hard to harmonize long enough to do anything meaningful…especially during a Day of the Field. Things became easier in some ways during a Day of the Stream because more energy was available overall, though the forces of turbulence would also be enhanced if the Will of the People could not be harmonized internally first in order to guide them.

Moira sucked in her breath sharply, her sudden emotional reaction hit the six hard!

Moira sat up. She saw a vision of the People of Earth tearing themselves and the Wayward Land apart as the Stream force rose inexorably over 30,000 years….

“Lay down!” came the urgent request. “Harmonize yourself friend!”

Breathing hard, terrified, Moira lay down. The soft moss beneath her sighed, welcoming her. She began the deep breathing she had practiced since childhood. She focused on the beating of her heart and slowly her nerves relaxed and calmed until she could feel the peace of the Hidden Land entering her once again.

“There, there,” the voices sang to her. “It will be alright. The Stream force carries with it a strong note of harmony. In that river it is difficult to maintain disruption….even in the Wayward Land,” the green voice soothed.

“But it is true, it would be better if your People could learn to harmonize themselves first, before the Stream rises much further….” continued the breeze.

“That is why I am here….” Moira breathed.

“Yes, you and others,” said midnight. “Your People did well to preserve the Knowing as well as they did through the 10,000 years of the Field. Disruption in the Wayward Land is terrible during those times. We watch with sorrow each time it happens.”

“Each time?” Moira felt.

“Yes,” said the laughing river.

Moira dwelt with this information for awhile before asking, “Explain more about who you are.”

“We are ourselves,” all six voices sighed.

“We are the Six who are One People…” said midnight.

“We wander the cycles of time laughing…” said the river.

“We ride the Stream through the sun to the nightside of yesterday and where ever else we would go,” said the sword.

“We sleep in the Field and dream, then we make when we awaken,” answered the green.

“We have been here for 300 million cycles. Does that help?” asked the eagle.

“We have been to the Wayward land for many, many cycles. We watched your races grow up. Part of us is in you” said midnight.

“Yes, you are our distant cousins,” said the ocean.

“We love you,” said the dolphin.

“We have always tried to help you learn to help yourselves,” continued the green.

“We share what we know with you, whenever you let us,” said the stream.

“Now, it is time for you to return to your home,” the sword suddenly said.

“Your brother is disrupted. He does not understand that you are safe. Return, harmonize him…tell him of us. Tell the Wanderers of us. We will speak again soon,” said the green.

“But, but, I have so many questions…” Moira stammered out…too loud again.

She felt them all wince.

“And they will all be answered,” the ocean replied…

“They all will be answered,” the eagle sighed…

“Turn your thoughts to your brother and feel for yourself…” the dolphin said.

Moira turned inside and listened in that place where she always listened for Robert. Suddenly she felt his disruption like a cold wave knocking her bones out of line….she felt the urgent desire to soothe him, as she had soothed him since he was a child. She knew the sword was right…she had to return home for this time.

“Prepare yourself,” said midnight.

Reluctantly, Moira agreed and did as they asked.

Then the swoosh, the racing power, the riding of melodies that became the iridescent path…and suddenly,

she was looking up at the crystal dome in the Wayward Land.

She was home.

related by Lora, Twilit Majz of the Transgenerations

to be continued….