Polarity Defined

The Holy

part of: Definitions

by Lora of Many Generations , The Archives of Raynah

Scribed by Al’Matoh, Twilit Majz of the First Generation

Are you driven to produce a testimony of your time,

to stand open under the sky,

the wind, the rain,

in the marketplace,

along the boulevards,

in the killing fields?

Humans are always killing each other.

We always will.

Not because we are evil,

because we are misunderstood
or misunderstand,
get stuck,
are threatened,
given no choice,
given every choice,
lose control,

Just like we will always love,

not because we are good,
because it is attention given and received.

Attention is a critical kind of food we need

because it roots us deep into those things
without which we cannot survive.

Just like we will always crave testimony
from those willing
to stand outside the normal concourse of daily life,
risk saying the things
no one else will risk saying
because, yeah, it does get you into trouble,
isolates you.

Isolation can mean death
for a social animal,
which is what we are.

Wanderers are Outside,

We are careful,

have chosen to band together,

the few of us there are,

to better do the dangerous work

our fellows need

yet fear.

Once we were alone,

one or two here and there,

driven by what probably amounts to a set of genes

ensuring the Outside point of view

always gets expressed.

What else could it be but DNA?


why would any member of a social species be driven

to stand Outside,

risk the death of their body

or worse yet

connection to their community?

You’re one of us.

That is why you have come here

from where you were sitting

at the edge of playgrounds,

standing alone along the wall in a roomful of people,

crouching in whatever passes for shadows,

escaping sharp notice,

perhaps stimulating scorn, angst or pity

until you were needed.

Then your words were sought out,

were they not,

eagerly, if surreptitiously,


Perhaps Nature has it right.

.the proper food at the proper time ensures survival of the Whole

after all!


It is important to remember

based on this

Nature model

that it is as useless to expect someone coded for Wandering

to be Inside

as it is to expect those coded to be Inside

to Wander.

Just like it is useless to expect our actions to obtain the same results
in society
as those from Inside.

Our journey always
must be slow,
carried out
in the blind dark,

requires patience that extends over an entire lifetime
to plant the seeds
for outcomes

we will never see.

A hardship you say?

Not really.

It is what we are built for

right down in our genes,

which profoundly shape

who we are.

The best news

my friends is this:

DNA‘s Hand of Destiny

can be tested!

Someday we will fully understand

just how each member of our species

fits in,

why we are all,

in our perplexing diversity,



just as we are!

In this

we may take great comfort,

locate our definition

of what is Holy.