Honorandum: From Days of Stone

part of: Clips from History

by The Archives of Raynah

by T’zirth, Twilit Deznahdorean of the First Generation

Megalithic architecture was pervasive throughout Europe and suggests a shared culture that was continent-wide. Check out some of the very interesting evidence:
Google: Neolithic Period (c. 9500–2000 B.C.) – Bronze Age (c. 3500–1350), Stonehenge, Wiltshire, Great Britain; Rennibister, Earth-house Mainland, Orkney; Ballycrovane Standing Stone County Cork, Ireland; Bryn Celli Ddu Burial Chamber and Henge Isle of Anglesey, Gwynedd, Wales; Loanhead of Daviot Recumbent stone Circle Gordon, Grampian, Scotland; Ancient Stones North Brittany, France; Northern part of Mnjandra Temple; Malta; Örenäs Passage Grave, Province Scania South west-coast, between Helsingborg and Landskrona, Sweden. That will get you started.


What child army at play
in backyards everywhere
has not built
crude approximations
of these remnants

of the childhood
of our civilization,

when every shape of Nature bore the heavy weight
of divine significance
arising from the unknown
to mold our fears,
our dreams,

our intellects?

These were the first shapes
we imposed on our world,

separating us
irrevocably from what It
had always imposed on us,

from which the storied halls of Greece,




New York

all eventually grew.

We have forgotten
who we were then—

subtle, fanciful children,

seeking transcendence

of death,

tentatively giving shape to the unknown
through stories,


Nowadays we imagine sorcerers
possessed of mystical powers
strode the earth way back then
casting stones here and there
by means and methods

the magicians alive today,

who send rockets to Mars
and people to the Moon,

will never comprehend,

but that just goes to show

how fancifully childlike

we still can be,

failing as we often do to notice

we have made our ancestors’
most fantastic aspirations


driven away cold, hunger,
the dark of night,

set our minds to unravelling
Nature’s deepest secrets,

set our sights even upon
understanding our own natures well enough

to bring about
universal peace.

In honor of all this,


Stand by the ancient stones
at midnight
on the day of your choice.

Look up into the sky
toward the plains of Mars
where tokens we have placed
now stand
to which our descendants
will someday return
from journeys we can only begin to imagine,

passionately pursuing,
wherever they will,


of the Universe
and Its infinite, subtle workings,

having forgotten
as much about us
as we have forgotten about those

who lie beneath us

in the green Earth,
among the Ages.

first published on Tree1