Sharron Emrich ~ Goldwing

Interlocutions of Thought

part of: SphinxWorld

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

This is the right time to start talking straight. Crooked speech leads to crooked deeds, arising as such do from crooked thoughts.

This is a time of crooked thoughts, so yeah, straight talk. But what the hell is that?

Let’s not digress into anything we can’t lay our hands on as evidence.

Ah, but how do we define evidence, and how do we arrange the evidence we have
into patterns that are not only meaningful
but don’t get us into more trouble than help?

Yeah, exactly. Straight or crooked.

Dudes, that is the choice before each of us now
and the pachinko game that is the force of will of each of us
applied in any direction
is poised to go
one of two ways…and I think you know what they are!

Get ready for the landslide,
that is all I have to say.