Sandi Rigby Winter Trees

Invitation to Sonic History

part of: Daily Messages

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

Born Free, andy williams
Only the Lonely, roy orbision
The Impossible Dream, andy
Moon River, andy too….rivers of sound
among my neurons calling. what is your sonic history,
from your preverbal years when
you were still putting sounds and lip movements together
as your mom held you,
your dad pulled your dirty diaper off,
well if you remember that far back. regardless,

sonic history continues for you up until now
of course but,
its course is very important for the emotional you. I have a sonic history…snapsounds:

Moon River was playing. i was watching my mom from my high chair. She was singing with all her heart as she polished the floor. she was so focused on those motions and her song that she danced with the polisher as she sang…early karaoke I guess….but in that moment I got the connection between the sounds from the yellow box in the corner and their meaning to this person who hugged me in her mind and actions all day every day. she was a wonderful mom.