Night Swimming

Journey to Andromeda One

part of: Journey to Andromeda

by The Archives of Raynah

related by Lora, Twilit Majz of the Fourth Generation

Uhl and Moira sat together under the trees of the Hidden Land. It was dusk. Two moons were rising over the western horizon. Uhl stood and began to dance. She was 95 now, but moved smoothly, easily, complexly in her sinuous white body. Aging had only etched her beauty more deeply into her original canvas, brought her subtleties out into frank eloquence, smoothed away her frailties, enhanced her strengths. Amazingly, even each wrinkle, each drape of skin seemed an embellishment—a decoration rather than a detraction.

Moira just gaped, awestruck as always. “Why do people in the Wayward Land age so…so, poorly,” Moira finally asked.

Uhl just laughed. “Do your people laugh enough from simple joy in the heart, or do cares and worries, and the frowns of their inner lives ignored weigh them down into unseemly shapes, complicated by gravity?”

Moira laughed. “We do all that and eat poorly, sleep poorly, treat each other poorly. We are so jealous of each other’s gifts, each other’s strengths. We break each other down day by day, minute by minute, take away instead of build up. Or we give and give until we are nothing but empty shells. Gravity is the least of the forces weighing us down!”

“Ah yes,” Uhl sighed, “the riptides of competition. Your kind has a very hard time of it. They still haven’t learned to be themselves in fullness and joy while accepting and exploring each other in clarity and compassion. Well, I can say this to you and perhaps you will hear. Competition is Nature’s way at a certain level of neural development. At that level it works well to enhance the lives of all. At another level though, competition does not work as a life-enhancing force unless it is carefully balanced by the principle of merging—very much like the processes governing interactions between energy and matter at the quantum level are different than those described by your Newton’s grosser principles. Until your kind transcends its primitive thought complexes based on competition, and all its ancillary outcomes like acquisitiveness, there are massive sectors of the Universe you will never comprehend, and therefore, be unable to interface with successfully.”

Moira just gaped at Uhl. She realized she spent a lot of time gaping at Uhl for one reason or another.

“For instance,” Uhl said, indicating the two moons, which had now risen well above the horizon, “take note of those two moons. Would you ever guess that between them lies an energy pathway out into the central core of Andromeda?”

Moira gaped at Uhl some more. They had been friends now for over 40 years. None of the people of the Hidden Land had spoken much about actual interstellar travel in all that time.

“Would you like to learn to walk there my friend? Your cognitive and emotional development is such that I may actually be able to teach you how to do it,” Uhl said.

“What do you mean, learn to walk there?” Moira finally gasped.

“Why, learn to follow the energy inclines throughout space and time to other places, this particular length of incline leads to the core of Andromeda. All the galaxies are connected to all the others by a single, extremely complex energy incline. Your scientists visualized these patterns early in your 21st century as fractals – complex, repeating patterns.” Uhl laughed gently, her dance evolving into a very unusual and interesting pattern. “Once inside a galaxy, you can follow any number of incline patterns all around.”

Uhl continued her dance. Moira felt a soft pressure inside her forehead. “You are able to open yourself dear one,” Uhl felt directly into Moira’s brain. “This is a skill 99% of your race simply has not bothered to develop. In fact, they have done the opposite. They have hardened themselves until they can barely feel their own bodies, their own emotions. It is what allows them to compete with each other in calculating terms. They imagine their choices to do this reflect the world as it is, though, the world of the mind and emotions is only what one makes of it by virtue of choice times the number of individuals making choices together over Time (here Uhl paused to laugh softly). Perhaps someday they will realize this. Use your skill now and watch.”

Moira softened completely, her emotions, her mind becoming one pliant field. She began to watch that field. After a short time an immense hologram unfolded inside her—space—the Universe—in two dimensions.

“Your race imagines it must hurl itself up the steep slopes of gravity wells from planets then out into the galaxy and the Universe. You would traverse the three and four dimensional Universe wrapped in metal, carrying bits of food, water and air. This is absurd. You have no way of comprehending the depth or forces at work in the gravity slope around our solar system, much less the edges of galaxies!” Uhl’s voice spoke from within Moira. “They will fight these forces to overcome them, for overcoming is all they understand. It is their only tool. I wish them luck. They know little of working with. However, there is another way, much safer, much easier, and already available. It lies in the second dimension, which we may enter and traverse at will as bio-electric energy streams. Nature itself provides the doors into this dimension, one simply needs to be able to sense them. Turn your sense inward now Moira, feel the hologram I show you of this planet and its moons.”

Moira focused within again. She had lost the original hologram as she focused on Uhl’s voice.

This time the solar system unfolded as it is in the fourth dimension, cradled in a tidal pool on the edge of the Milky Way as It is carried along within an immense wave of energy passing through our sector of Space. Then the hologram tilted on its side and flattened out into the majestic two dimensional pattern that is the solar system. Moira could feel, rather than see, that there are places where the energy swirls touch or intersect. At those points there are “doors” into the whole pattern. Once inside the pattern, one can follow the streams anywhere they go and exit at any point where there is a “door.” Moira suddenly realized the Gates on Earth were artificially created “doors” into the second dimension.

“That is right, my dear,” Uhl whispered gently up from the back of Moira’s mind. “They are created by making an intersecting energy beam perpendicular to one of the main energy lines of the solar system itself. This pops you right down into the second dimension pattern! The energy of the Gate, combined with the amplification of the crystals and the focused bioelectric power of the guides convert the traveler into second dimensional space, and propel them along the pattern to a desired destination. Guides and a Gate at that end inflate them back up into the fourth dimension!”

Moira just stared, open-mouthed, at Uhl. “I don’t know why this is amazing to me,” she finally said. “I mean, I’ve been through the Gate countless times now. I have felt the energy inclines and pathways you speak of, but, I just never really understood, somehow, I guess I wasn’t ready to know how it all works.”

Uhl smiled through all the pathways of Moira’s nerves. “Yes, knowledge seeps in slowly, understanding even more slowly, at times. This is strange information for one of your kind. Your scientists have scarcely known of the underlying patterns of the Universe for three generations.”

“You mean chaos equations and fractals, don’t you,” Moira said.

“Indeed. They are still largely confusing or sources for mathematical amusement,” Uhl replied. “Fractals are the patterns of interaction between forces in any situation. They are real, not amusements. At their edges, indeed, lies dissolution. Navigating those spaces is tricky, even for the superbly trained and talented among us. It requires a team of minds, linked in perfect harmony, to guide others through those places, and those places are everywhere throughout the Wilds of Space and Time.”

“Wow,” Moira said as she sat cross-legged watching Uhl dance, feeling her speak inside her mind.

“Yes, the Wilds are different than the Gated paths,” Uhl continued. “They are distinctly unsafe for the unprepared. I can show you the paths in the Crystal Mind, the safe paths. I can take you on journeys there where nothing is at stake. Then, when you are prepared for the safe paths, we will journey, if this meets with your approval, of course,” she finished.

Moira stared and stared. Finally she asked, “where can the safe paths take us?”

“We have Gated planets like our own from here as far out as the core of Andromeda,” Uhl replied, dancing joyfully around. She had been dancing for over an hour now. She didn’t appear the least bit tired, though she was sweating.

“The core of Andromeda!” Moira croaked in shock.

“Indeed. The pattern linking the cores of all the Galaxies is quite safe in general. We have never been to its outer edges. The forces of dissolution there must be immense indeed! We fear it. We haven’t the strength or the imagination to wander there yet. Someday, though!”

Moira watched the hologram of the parts of this vast pattern known to Uhl and her people unfold within her forebrain. She wandered there with Uhl for many hours before deciding.

“I will enter the Crystal Mind with you Uhl. I will learn how to travel the safe paths. Thank you for teaching me!”

“You are so welcome my dear. It is a joy for me! We will be such traveling companions, you and I!” Uhl replied. “Sleep now. Tomorrow you must return home and arrange for a long absence. Your brother will worry for your safety! He may want to come along to be sure you’ll be alright. You will be just fine. Dissuade him if you can. He is needed right where he is. If not, we will make our journeys as three!”