Night Swimming

Journey to Andromeda Three

part of: Journey to Andromeda

by The Archives of Raynah

by Lora, TwilitMajz of the Fourth Generation

“You did very well with that transformation Moira,” Uhl commented serenely. “Do you feel ready to begin to walk the pathways between the stars?”

Moira gulped. “Shh..ure,” she said hesitantly. This felt like the primary test of her life…and her life had been a long one filled with many tests. “How do we start?”

“Simple,” Uhl said. “Let’s call out for Kantara. She will walk with us. Then we’ll insert into the Path complex existing right here in the Crystal Mind. We have mapped the Paths between here and Andromeda and one hundred thousand three hundred and seventeen other galaxies as well. We have very detailed maps of those galaxies internally as well. Of course, the Paths do shift, so, memorizing them by walking them in here is not the point. The point is to get the feel of a particular Path.”

“Ah,” Moira said. She had the feeling she completely understood what Uhl meant. “Do they all feel different?”

“Completely. There is no mistaking one for another,” Uhl replied.

“How is it possible to remember the feeling of so many different paths?” Moira asked, dazzled and confused by the information.

“It isn’t. None of us have all the Paths memorized. Kantara and I are particularly adept at the Paths to and within Andromeda. Each one of us has a galaxy as our particular speciality,” Uhl explained. “If we travel to some other galaxy, we go with a guide adept in traveling to and within that place.”

“So, we aren’t going to use any technology to navigate these Paths?” Moira asked, confused.

“Yes, we are using the technology of the Crystal Mind to learn our Path, then we’ll use Gate technology to insert into the actual Path,” Uhl replied gently, clearly anticipating more questions.

“But once inside, once, on the Path, won’t we need to calculate trajectories, to navigate in some way….won’t we need something to help us, I don’t know, stay on track among the relationships between the various forces?” Moira finished somewhat helplessly.

“We don’t we need technology to walk the Path once we are inside the second dimension,” Uhl said. “The thrust from the Entry Gate and the pull from the Exit Gate will keep us moving.”

“What?” Moira asked.

“The Paths shift constantly. Any technological map will be of little use to us,” Uhl explained gently. “It is the territory we must traverse, not the map of the territory. Technology is not the territory, anymore than language is the territory of the mind, dreams or emotions. If you ever forget that, you will always get lost. If you remember to stay in the territory, paying attention to it minutely, you will never go astray. If you were to build a device to follow these Paths you’d need a technology with the sensitivity and flexibility of your living nervous system, able to respond to minute changes that cannot be predicted. Building the Crystal Mind and the Gates requires technology. Using the inherent capacities of the body to navigate energy Pathways does not.”

Moira gaped at Uhl for the umpteenthousandth time in their long acquaintance.

“Your people can’t feel their way through the reality, the energy structures of any situation. Maps are all they have and their maps are hours old at best, usually, in the case of your race’s beliefs, centuries old. The Universe is always in motion. Some things remain similar, but most things move on into new forms, new pathways all the time. It is a simple matter to feel those paths, those forms and dance with them. You must open your inner eyes though, which, for your race accustomed to taking refuge in its ancient maps, is not simple,” Uhl continued. “You have been trained all your life to feel your way through the energies in any situation. Now that you have cleared up your last set of confusions about your own energy, distinguishing between your own energy and the energies of the Path should be a simple matter,” Uhl finished.

Moira continued to gape, but then realized, Uhl was right. She wasn’t about to do anything she hadn’t already done all her life. Her whole being softened.

“That’s right old friend, loosen up and accept that you can do this. You are more than ready now!” Uhl encouraged. “Kantara is on her way. Let’s go to the entry point to the Path complex.”

The two friends rose into the skies of the combined minds of an amazing world and appeared at what looked like a shiny marble, midnight black doorway. There was no knob.

Moira floated around the door. There was nothing behind it. It hung mutely there, challenging her in the midst of the plane of the Hidden Land’s Mind.

“Here we are,” Uhl said playfully. “Kantara will be here any minute.”

“Do we just meld into the door?” Moira guessed.

“Absolutely,” Uhl laughed.

The sound of drums and trumpets off in the distance pulled Moira’s attention away from her next question.

Rolling over the horizon came a raucous being, spikes of color and sounds interlacing surged, blared, streaked, vibrated through the Mind for miles.

“Well,” Moira thought, “there are no miles in the Mind!”

“Yes, but there are units of measure nonetheless,” Uhl laughed. “Megatrons, kayons, you can label the unit in anyway you like, but yes, Kantara vibrates many of them, many of them indeed. Simply adjust yourself to her patterns, then she won’t seem loud, she’ll seem like Kantara.”

Moira laughed, adjusted herself. Indeed, Kantara’s sound faded, though the intricate patterns and huge vibrations continued unabated. Moira felt almost as though she was riding them.

“And so you are,” Uhl commented. “Anytime we traverse the Paths we need a platform to ride upon. Kantara is one such being.”

“Wow,” Moira said, amazed and delighted.

“She is very easy to stay with, even through chaos. Learn her pattern. Set it next to yours and mine. We won’t get lost!” Uhl said.

“She is so huge and complicated. I’m not sure I can just learn her quickly!” Moira said, uncertainty filling her.

At that moment Kantara arrived into nextness and Moira felt the full force of the encounter. She had a hard time feeling herself in the backwash of the energies swirling around and within Kantara.

“Hold firm to yourself now, friend,” Uhl counseled.

Moira felt the soft, white mist of Uhl enter into her central pattern, illuminate her interior here and there. Her own outlines, her own sensations of self returned.

“Now, feel Kantara,” Uhl whispered, her tone equivalent to the feeling of early morning dew on the grass of Ireland. That feeling lived deep within Moira. This soothed her. After a time Moira felt ready to open to Kantara’s immensity.

“Greetings, little one,” boomed through Moira’s awareness, the words rode on a feeling distinctly grandmotherly. Moira felt herself shaken clean in her deep places. She felt deeply embraced. Moira was suddenly aware that Kantara was old, more than one hundred years in all likelihood.

“One hundred and seventeen to be exact,” Kantara boomed, powerful as the sea carving the cliffs of Ireland.

Moira stepped back and watched Kantara carve into her. Then she stepped up on top of Kantara’s huge wave, felt it resonate beneath her. Cerulean, indigo, ultramarine, sea green, white, deepest night all vibrated there, dancing around each other. Where each color touched another, a whole symphony of tones emerged. Moira realized some guiding force deep inside Kantara carefully orchestrated them all. Moira became lost in fascination.

“Stay there,” Uhl suggested. “Kantara will move around with us on and within her!”

Moira felt herself acquiesce through dense curiosity.

Kantara began to move slowly.

“If I had ever surfed, it might have felt like this,” Moira commented as she almost lost her balance and fell off. Kantara immediately stopped.

Uhl laughed. “Okay, just pay attention to the sensation of Kantara right now. Let her move you.”

“Okay,” Moira said tentatively.

Moira put her attention into Kantara and was enveloped by her strange and dense inner universe. That universe began to move. The force of it swept Moira along. She concentrated on keeping herself enveloped.

It worked.

Within a short time Kantara was able to zip here and there at high rates of speed while Moira and Uhl rode along.

“This is so much fun!” Moira yelled into the wind of the moments whipping by.

Uhl and Kantara laughed.

“Is this what it feels like to ride the Paths?” Moira asked, totally exhilarated.

“Not even close,” Uhl said.

“Not even close,” Kantara reiterated.

“What?” Moira said, confused.

“It is time to enter our simulation, I think, don’t you Uhl?” Kantara stated.

“Yes. It is time.” Uhl agreed.

to be continued….