Aimea  Masked Escape

Just Shut Up and Do It!

part of: Poetry

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

So, is there more to Supreme Enlightenment than simply contemplating your navel
and reveling in the transcendent oneness of All?

Christ is currently disguised as a female postal clerk
in a small Midwestern town.
There he will stay, dispensing favors and good advice
to anyone who will listen
until the day he dies.
A small child born to serve as the Dalai Llama of east LA is dead,
killed with his mother in a random burst of gunfire
during a drive-by shooting.
A mother on your street with three children
is holding her tribe together with love, pies, and purse strings.
The Fire of the Divine lives in us all -
the once and only eternal flame.

Seek and you will find the Source of Life at work
where hunger of empty mind
and loneliness in the open spaces of the heart
permit reality to breed into many forms.

This is the price of living and doing:

Poetry and murder,
love and hate,
altruism and egotism,
purity and pollution.

All is dream
and all is real -
the interface between the two
our point of power and danger,
and openly living this passion, this fury,
this terror, this joy

the raison d’etre of existence.