Night Swimming

Kendra's Journey

part of: The Hidden Land

by Lora of Many Generations

Kendra took her place in the circle. The soft light of dawn shone through the trees tossing in the crystal ceiling directly over her head. She looked within and felt the softness of her own spirit…the footprints of the moment clear, there for her to read.

The chanting began. Its power gathered her up like an armful of flowers. She began her own chant. The vibrations inside her body brought on the Stillness. The revolving of her being stopped. For an instant the vastness of all that Is fell out before her in a shimmering tableau – the past, the present, the paths to the future all laid out in a fabulous landscape…” Eternity in Three Parts,” she thought….then the power took her in an iridescent streak and she felt herself propelled along a roller coaster of energy, sweeping to and fro, up and down, around, hitting a hard spiral as she felt herself pass through the sun, then she shot out down a long, steep tunnel until her feet hit green moss. She materialized from her toes, up the impossibly long shafts of her legs, her spine growing like a young tree until it hit the huge globe of her head, brain assembling itself, neuron by neuron, into its well-known interlocking webs of thought, energy, and memory. She was complete and there in the Hidden Land.

She would read the footprints of that journey within for years to come.

But right now, she whirled around to face the mysterious inhabitants of this place.

There they were, just as Marcia, Moira, and Shekina had described them.

“Just, just let me look at you,” Kendra said aloud, very softly. “Let me touch you.”

They all looked at her and she felt their “okay.”

They had legs, feet, eyes, noses, mouths, ears, skin, hair. Their skin was colored differently than human skin on Earth. “Is the color of your skins natural?” Kendra asked.

“Yes,” the tall copper-skinned man answered. “It is a result of the chemicals in the soils of the planets of our genetic origin. We have six different genetic stocks present here in the Hidden Land.”

The words in her head didn’t match the sounds coming from his mouth. “You will hear our voices and feel our meaning,” he said. The sounds were foreign, the meaning plain. Kendra found the experience disorienting. She felt like she was in a movie with subtitles. She giggled at the image of words appearing beneath their feet as they talked. The six strangers laughed too! Staring at them, she realized they could see what was in her thoughts as clearly as the audiences back home could see the subtitles under the feet of foreign actors.

Kendra looked at them wonderingly, then turned her attention back to the man who had spoken to her. He was muscular in a rangy, lanky way. His hair was a rich deep brown, cut square at his shoulders. His eyes were light golden, piercing and pure. “My name, in your sounds is Kierd,” he said in response to her unasked question. She blinked. It would take awhile to get used to this.

“My name is Kendra,” she replied, half in a daze, and held out her hand. He touched it. The mighty footprint of his being impressed itself indelibly into her. She felt the rush of eagle wings, the scent of flight in a high wind, and withdrew her hand suddenly, gasping. She had never felt such immensity in another person.

“I am Choja,” said the black-skinned person as she stepped forward. She was dressed all in jewel green with a wide black belt at her hips from which hung many things. She brushed her fingers across Kendra’s cheek lightly, gently. A streak of midnight sky remained there, the depth of it sucking her breath away.

“You are sensitive through touch,” Choja said.

“That she is,” Kierd agreed.

“Let me touch you,” the cream-skinned person said playfully, dancing lightly up to her and pressing her cheek softly against Kendra’s. The feeling of being swept up like a leaf higher and higher into the sky blew through Kendra like a cold spring breeze. “I am Uhl,” said the woman. “It is a delight to merge with you!”

Kendra nodded dumbly, staring like a small child into Uhl’s huge green eyes. These were the eyes of someone who had deeply explored that landscape Kendra had seen open out briefly during the Stillness. Kendra felt hypnotized by what she saw in Uhl’s mind. “This must be how dolphins communicate – holographically,” some deep, analytical part of Kendra’s brain mused. Uhl giggled, said “yes,” then began to move, sinuous, light, powerful. She was dancing. Kendra was drawn in and began to move with her, at first imitating Uhl’s motions, like a child imitates their big sister. But then, she just responded, doing her own dance with Uhl.

The citrine-skinned person joined them. Kendra thought it was a woman. Her movements were succinct, precise, clear. “I am called Arn,” the woman said. Her eyes were midnight blue.

“It is amazing to meet you,” Kendra replied, this time, only with her thoughts, as the three women moved together. Kendra suddenly noticed there was no music but the breeze, the birds, and their breathing, and it was enough.

At that thought, the blue-skinned person, a man, laughed. “I am Teeka,” he said, and began to sing as they danced. He was dressed in a white, loose, fringed shirt and opalescent leggings. His feet were bare.

The green-skinned person, another man, said, “And I am Tsoh!” He sang too. His eyes were violet. He was short and round with astonishing white hair hanging to his waist.

“Your interest is in healing, is it not?” sang Teeka.

“It is,” Kendra laughed, continuing to dance, lost in the moment. It was so unexpected…the intersection of the strangeness of the communication, the actuality of the place, the simple joy of these six people…the way they washed through her in scented waves, orange, lemon, cinnamon, lavender, ocean, moist moss. She let herself be buoyed up, tossing in the sensations like the leaves of trees are tossed by the breeze. Choja and Kierd had joined them now. Kierd was drumming on his chest, sides, thighs, Choja was playing a long flute-like instrument that had been hanging on her belt.

They danced this way for many hours before sitting down at the foot of the rowan tree where Kendra had appeared.

“We will talk now,” Kierd said.

“Thank you,” Kendra said, surprised that she was not tired or hungry, just a bit thirsty. “I have many questions.”

“Yes, we are sure you do,” Uhl answered as she offered Kendra something to drink….cool, clear water. “The questions of a healer.”

Kendra nodded, grateful to be so well understood.

“There are sicknesses in your world,” Arn said. “Many sicknesses.”

Kendra felt a smooth ride of calm open underneath her as she sat. She fell into Stillness, her feet landing squarely in the landscape of Eternity she had seen before. This time Arn stood with her. Around her stood Choja, Teeka, Tsoh, Kierd and Uhl.

She saw the Earth open out in layers like a child’s book illustrating the unfoldment of their solar system from a dust cloud all the way into the future….

“Look there for the sources of the illness of your people,” Arn whispered.

“Look in the places where you wait for someone to do for you what you can do for yourself,” Arn revealed.

Kendra saw ancient tribes in which the people abandoned their responsibility to each other, demanding their rulers provide food, safety, law, order, when they could have done so themselves. No more daily minute choices and interventions. They could go about the business of living and not think about such troublesome matters. And now in the third millenium, the people expected their rulers to do everything for them from providing work, food and medicine, to educating their children and caring for their elders.

“Look in the places where you let what is imposed take the place of what you know,” Teeka assured.

And the rulers obeyed, imposing laws, demanding tribute in recompense for the heavy burden of their ever-increasing responsibilities. They expected to be obeyed absolutely, so their responsibilities could be carried out properly, as the people demanded. As the laws and the rulers multiplied, the people retreated ever further from the burdens of their own responsibility to each other, preferring the easier choice of deferring to some law or vague “them,” rather than dealing with the complexity and ambiguity of the moment.

“But justice is personal responsibility to each other and can never be anything else. Imposed it becomes the forest of the dead. Lived heartily, it must be grown inside, tended daily, as it becomes a fabulous garden,” Uhl laughed.

“Look in the places where you ignore what you plainly see,” Choja whispered.

And Kendra saw children starving, being raped, mown down by constant war…wars of words, hearts, swords, greeds, “We need more money, more laws, more information, more obedience, more time to solve all these problems you lay at our feet,” the rulers proclaimed, grimacing or laughing behind their hands at the people and their immense weakness that grew with the surrender of each bit of responsibility…as the rulers grew bloated with impotent confusion and desperation or self-importance and greed as they agreed to take on the solutions to problems they knew would never be solved. Still the people languished in the belief that they and their rulers were doing all that could be done.

“Look in the places where you take more than you give,” Tsoh insisted.

Kendra looked again. Down through the centuries she saw men taking emotional strength from their women, women taking emotional strength from their children, rulers taking every bit of lucre not hidden, everywhere people taking and taking and giving only what little would get them more and then more until they thought only of what was owed them, not what they owed each other.

“Look in the places where you withhold in order to extract. Look in the places where you circle, hunting for someone to punish, so you can take things from them,” Kierd said.

Kendra saw generations of people withholding rest to extract work from themselves and each other, rulers withholding food from starving millions to extract obedience, men withholding respect to extract compliance, women withholding love to extract obesience. She saw hundreds of generations of parents, children, lovers, partners, rulers who could never be pleased. She saw every punishment ever designed to elicit any kind of thing at all….heretics burning alive, debtors rotting in prisons of various kinds, generations of priests staining whole populations with the hue of infamy so robber princes could steal their lands and their lives away, every sleight of mind ever used for such purposes.

“Look now!” Arn said.

Kendra shuddered, but she looked. Instead of the strong, the just and the brave she had been taught to see, she saw skeletal figures marching across the landscape of human history, pathetically scrabbling in the dust of the misery they created with their own choices, desperately trying to weave a tapestry of Life that unraveled only slightly more slowly than they could weave it….Alexander and his great empire fading even before he died…and he only one of many….ten thousand years of such a way of being.

“All these actions create weakness, a vacumn into which many things are sucked – your four dreaded horsemen gallop there, mad with glee!” Kierd continued.

“Weakness stimulates the unravelling force,” Arn said.

“You mean, dissolution, don’t you?” Kendra questioned.

“Yes,” said Kierd, feeling the meaning in her mind.

“The method of the dissolution is related to the nature of the weakness,” Kierd continued.

“Examine the nature of the dissolution and you will find clues to the nature of the weakness and how to strengthen it. Then the dissolution will slow,” Choja recommended.

“Dissolution is inevitable. One facet of the Land is transformation.” Uhl said. “But it needn’t be the uncontrolled monster it has become in your world.”

“Become one with yourselves, with your responsibilities, and your world and its People will heal almost overnight,” Arn assured.

“But what are our responsibilities?” Kendra asked.

Kierd and Choja looked at each other, then said in unison, “to see your needs are met harmlessly.”

“Our needs?” Kendra questioned.

Teeka and Uhl chanted, “food, water, air, shelter, merging, individuality, creativity, stillness, activity, belonging, health, and transformation….these are what are needed by all participants in the Life of the Universe.”

“Provide these to each other in harmless ways, ways which unite you with, rather than separate you from, your own lives, your own inner simplicity, and your relationship to your Land,” sang Tsoh and Arn.

“Then you will find healing,” Choja said.

“And not before,” Kierd finished.

“I need to think about this,” Kendra said.

“Yes, you do,” Uhl laughed.

“Think and return at will,” Tsoh invited.

“I will,” Kendra sighed. “Send me home.”

Then they sent Kendra home, where she thought about what they had said for many days before turning to her companions in deep conversation. Many of the healing modalities Wanderer communities have at their disposal were developed by Kendra and the Bush Community from these conversations and many others in subsequent years.

…to be continued.