Polarity Defined


part of: The Archives of Raynah

by Teresa Dunyati-Long


The human mind. What is it but trillions of cells cooperating? Neurons. Glia. Nephrons. Red blood cells. Immune cells. Muscle cells. Osteoblasts and osteoclasts. There are many others. They all live together. They all contribute to our experience of being alive as a human.
What is the experience of being alive as a virus, a protozoan, a coral reef, a mouse, a dog, cat, chimp, rose bush, aphid, cockroach, rock dove, etc.? Do we know? Can we know? We definitely try to imagine life as all those things and billions more. Our imaginations are ever active. Caressing reality with our stories, our analyses, our constructs of reality….yes, how real are they?

Whatever we believe. We act on. This is our glory and our trap as minds arising from human bodies. The whole body. Is. The. Mind. Not just neurons, glia, and all the cells that shield them in the cave of the skull where they live out their lives as a person among other persons. No. We are also Cultures. With unique histories. With heroines and heroes. With life and death. With fear and joy. Intellect. Emotion. Music. Architecture. Poetry. History. Families. Communities. Government. Farmers. Activists. Artists. Artisans. Movers and Shakers. Dreamers and Thinkers. Pragmatists and Idealists. Right now we are over 7 billion strong. Here on Earth. The Planet Blue among the Stars. But from what approach? Infinity bears down on each point in space and time if physics and mathematics are right.


We are not infinite. All things are written between our synapses, in our immune system, all the systems that adapt to whatever happens to that person as they live: the boy with the cut penis who refused to beg for criminals, Kate Middleton one day to become the good Queen Kate, the rich, the poor, all the classes, indeed, each human born has a unique place in space and time. What force do they exert from that space, what vectors, what paths do they travel. All this is written in the cells of their bodies. Search pubmed. You’ll see.


It is written that the least of these is mine. Mine being God’s. Whatever. We. Conceive.God.To.Be….and the names of the Creator are many. But that is a tale for another time. What is important is that reality as we have lived it is written on us not unlike the stylus across soft clay in 3rd Century BC Mesopotamia or the keystrokes of a computer user in these modern days. They both write out states unique to their creators at the very moment of creation, such that we readers interpret their signs and do indeed understand enough of their foreign signals to agree, disagree, or conduct any other form of human intercourse available in these days far removed from the caves of Lascaux and the brutal plains of Ice during ages so long all human stories become lost in the mists of time and comprehension.


Thus it is we experience Mind, embedded as we are in all these things just mentioned.