Sharron Emrich ~ Goldwing


part of: Postcards to the World

by Celeste Roth

Maybe I’m getting more kinesthetic. Accessing more parts of myself. Loose-ing the whole self – which doesn’t fit in a chair very well. Issues of submission. Versus resistance. Find the perfect balance. I am here. This is now. My chest rising and falling with breathing. The fan in the projector. Robert caring for me. The building has a rather large hum. The movements of people. People using vocal cords to control air to speak. I think the AC “canned air” just came on. We’re here to come to a common understanding. We’re creating something in our heads that can guide subsequent behavior. I’m analyzing it. Society has decided that this is important. We’re all getting paid to be here. Wish we were doing NVC or dancemeditation instead.