October 2010 Fundraiser

Kutsinhira October 2010 Fundraiser

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by From the Internet , Urvashi Long

This is a fundraiser for Kutsinhira.org, a cultural arts and global aid-initiative organization based in Eugene, Oregon (kutsinhira.org).


Teresa Hawkes Dunyati-Long, incoming Kutsinhira Newsletter Editor

Some people have grown up in Kutsinhira.
Who and what is Kutsinhira, and why is it good that kids are growing up in this “village?”
Kutsinhira is a cultural arts and global aid initiative organization based in Eugene, Oregon. We are part of a larger movement throughout North America dedicated to the cultural arts of the people of Zimbabwe. Kutsi-nhira is part of a growing movement of local political, economic, and cultural arts organizations participating in outreach throughout the Euroamericano, Asian and African cultural complexes (google: aid organizations, cultural arts organizations, global initiative). Around the globe a new generation of children are being raised in such organizations. They are active, aware of global issues, and in close personal contact with people from diverse racial, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds. This new generation is taking  on leadership roles in many of the organizations they have grown up in They are members of groups like Tariro and Hokoyo, both outgrowths of Kutsinhira. Tariro’s founder, Ph.D. candidate Jennifer Kyker, was 10 when she came to Kutsi-nhira. Tariro actively fundraises for girls orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe. Tariro has paid school fees, bought uniforms and study materials, and provided musical instruments. Hokoyo played many benefits for Tariro as well as other ZCDP projects. Several of Hokoyo’s members took positions of responsibility within Kutsinhira (board member and webmaster) and other non-profits (Tariro and  Frontline Medical).  It’s also pretty impressive that these young people took on the central leadership and planning for this year’s highly successful Zimfest (zimfest.org), held in Corvallis at Oregon State University. Happily these vibrant young people are just at the beginning of their contributions as responsible, innovative global citizens.

To read more go to kutsinhira.org.