Carlos William Morado

Let Us Be Prolific

part of: Poetry

by Carlos William Morado

Let us be prolific.
Ritualistically embrace the threshold like a rope
thrown into a bottle neck swamp.
Dip into a maroon lava ink well.
May our words bring art, comfort,
knowledge and mirth.
Speech in font thread us connected.
Manifest words out of indigo
mists, eternal images of thought,
unfurl a visceral pull beneath
the skin to ripple entrails from
the written and
the spoken. Conversation.
art, comfort, knowledge,
and mirth.
Stylized rants into a
science, a discipline.
Applied rantology.
weaving laced
Ideas promote
growth of soul.
Color us many.
Draw us prolific.
Draws us prolific
in deep swathes of alchemy.
Life drown us not
in shallow apathy.
Expanding directions
and merge dimensions
to trace all senses sensual.
Diurnal digressions to
encapsulate a zeitgeist.

Reverberations of ramblings,
to symphonic realizations
to revel like Ravel,
novel weavers and rabble rousers,
Zephyr is the west wind.
Every conversations is a
rivulet of wisdom
extended together
like a starry puzzle
of antidotes
and anecdotes
to stimulate domes
and ascension.