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The Long Haul

part of: The Part of Me That is 52 and heading onward...

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

The Obama machine is faltering. We pushed and pushed and got our President….with the not inconsiderable help of a glaring economic crisis! That was something not even the down-home charisma and hot-mama vibes of Palin could distract us from. The story is Obama still needs our help. He campaigned honestly on that point. How many times did he tell us he was going to need us for the long-haul? In what ways did he inform us that he would need us?

Go here:

to read about the ways he needs our help…because this really is government by the people, for the people. He needs us now for the health care push. We are the least civilized of the first world countries in this regard. What can each of us do in our communities to make a difference on this issue?