Lora and Pon

part of: The Wanderers

by The Archives of Raynah

Related by Raynah Qwentalla, Friend of Earth

How did it come to pass that the Iglenda, Pon, chose Lora of the Bush Clan, EarthTime Fourth Generation of Wanderers, to recruit to his cause? Pon was a sentient who had access to personalities throughout Time, regardless of location. I reiterate, why did he choose Lora? For he choose well. Lora carried out Pon’s plan to the end, at the cost of her own life, as he hoped she would. Pon knew that only significant deaths wake the dead. And just who are the dead in this metaphor? As Lora was fond of saying, the dead have died to the world of information and live entirely within their imagination – collective or individual, whose reality they defend at all costs. Indeed. The dead march through the long night of ideological battle without thought, remorse, or reflection. They become masters of executing a command, but devoid of skill in critiquing those commands in light of battle outcomes. “Such holes do we dig for ourselves,” Lora often said. And here we have our chief clue as to why Pon choose Lora. The Iglendas had indeed died to the world of outside information. They were trapped in their own imaginations, blasting away at each other until in the end only the shameful deaths of one of their most revered Princes and his devoted off-world wife could shake them awake.