Horsehead Nebula

Many fear my tangents

part of: The Wanderers

by The Archives of Raynah

The Journals of Joseph Windwalker, First Gen Wanderer, Cult of One Dez, that’s right, nahdorean!

Many fear my tangents, but like all tangents they loop back around on themselves and become relevant in various moments that all tell the story that I’m telling…
.because this is what humans do with each other: send and receive all kinds of signals.
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‎...and try to make some kind of sense of them, thus enabling functionality in the social matrix within which we make our lives. How many of us are true mountain ma- or wo-man? We want to live with others of our kind and make our lives there, in community.

True loners have their own language dialect, because they have spoken only to themselves…who knows the paths of their words among their experiences? Probably only they do.
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