Aimea Lunar Reconstruction

March 2009

part of: The Collected Works of Carrie Magness Radna

by Carrie Radna

1. Helen’s explanation released the pain from my heart and shoulders; I am a worthy music director for Purimspiel
2. Big snow came, Rachel owes me five bucks. Everyone came into work late except our fearless leader Tom, and the salmon was spoiled for dinner
3. Coldest day shining brightly outside, the recording of the late Michael Bennett ring in my ears; he was a true genius
4. Third movement of Ginastera’s The Lamentations of Jeremiah is the most melodic, my favorite, plus the Argentinean folk song “Arroz con leche” is delightful as a happy fugue
5. Finally got out of the house after our chicken and potatoes dinner; Central park was serene compared to Kievman’s opera of Hamlet and Rudy’s latest composition
6. New shampoo left my hair soft but fizzy; named the dead cockroach at work Kafka after his The Metamorphosis
7. Tired tired tired all day long; I’m now counting seconds towards the end of Monday’s performance at the Temple
8. Dress rehearsal wasn’t bad, and the original leftover chicken Rachel made for us was delicious
9. Wearing earplugs to block out the groggers blocking Haman’s name, I conducted and Rudy played a masterful performance
10. Feet up, I causally watch TV as my beloved tackled another catchy tune after a fragrant Indian Tandoori meal
11. I am sick today, thanks to the blasted saffron shrimp
12. After training of the new cataloging system downtown, I celebrate the day with Debbie buying scarves and drinking mojitos (I was carded!)
13. Another Friday the 13th has been a lucky day for me
14. No thrills day; we rested and read the newspaper before a posh steak dinner
15. After watching Sunshine cleaning, I bought groceries and made a decent attempt of French lemon-flavored flounder
16. Allergies knock me down with full force; ah, Spring is finally coming!
17. Lost my W-2 form; I was diagnosed as slightly contagious with a sinus infection; my love’s grandfather hip breaks; everything happens in threes
18. Back at work, I feel well but stigmatized by the infection; my chocolate cupcake was very comforting at my work desk
19. Am allergic to the medication, trying to breathe between the tremors and migraines
20. Second visit to doctor, new meds, but still affected by yesterday’s wave of pain
21. Quiet day ends with a night at the opera; Reneé Fleming and Stephanie Blythe were glorious in Russlka
22. Made-for-TV movies were entertaining; take-out sushi was delicious and the meds work fine
23. Outside was deceptively sunny, the wind blew very cold but was still lovely
24. Waiting for laundry; was assigned as the female point person during fire alarms at work
25. Happiness is an empty elevator, when one can reflect on the blessings of the day
26. As my love scratched my back, I yawned like a greedy cat; snot ran down my nose
27. The Flame’s spaghetti was bland, but the new interior was warm, clean and lovely
28. The Saturday choir rehearsal was good, and so was the lunch; the Nielsen representative brought us yellow tulips for our interview
29. The stove tables at Benihana were blazing with cooked shrimp and volcano onions; 7 people were celebrating their birthdays
30. Good day, dry cleaning returned without a hitch, the leftovers from last night’s meal was delicious
31. They will cut staff at work by next June; we are in a black hole