Winging On

Mighty Is Change

part of: The Oracle Speaks

by Scott Outlar

The patterns constantly shift into and out of chaotic turbulence. What, at any given moment, seems calm and orderly can, at the drop of a dime, or a hat, or any other clichéd reference, switch completely and become a terrible contralto of anarchy and confusion.
Ha! I love it. I yearn for these moments. I live for the times when wild experiences come rolling across the tide in huge crashing waves and slam into my psyche, causing all kinds of mass distortion. Yea, that’s when I like to turn up the volume and blast hysteria into my life.
And it is good. I dance through the madness, naked in the fields. I sing with the chaos and relish whatever new obstacle may befall me at any minute.
For I thrive when change is in the air. I succeed when progressive evolution makes itself fully apparent.
I spend my idle hours sitting in deep contemplation, waiting for psychic bursts of electricity to strike out at me from the random source of cosmic energy that underlies all existence.
Yes, I wait for these moments of change. I wait and when they come I am ready.
Thus do I usher in this new phase, this new cycle, this new spin around the loop of life.
It is here, and I must, like a leech or parasite, grasp onto it and suck out all the inspiration I possibly can so that new artistic visions flood my mind and send my heart and soul racing across the intangible lines of a new dawn.
Indeed, the sun is not even up as I string my body, mind and soul out on this early morning, free-wheeling kite and allow natural evolution to do with me what it will. I am thrilled. I get chills. I pop my pills. I sign my life over to the new deal. This is far beyond real. It is the absence of all denial. Only a positive, creative influx of energy matters now.
I stand under the black sky of night while staring at the stars above. I realize their full power; in that enlightened awareness I feel their love.
I have found purpose once again. I have a reason to move on. The steps I took that once felt weighed down in mud are now easily tread across freedom fields of inherent hope.
But what does all this babbling mean or signify? Will this rant take on any sense of meaning at some point? What am I rambling on about?
It is glorious destiny! It is sublime fate! The two have merged together at a nexus point and caused a nebular explosion to erupt in the seven corners of chaos, which in turn activates the six layers of heaven to initiate their own type of freefall frenzy.
And so, with chaos and heaven now in the mix, we get a bit of the demons and the angels.
Now my mouth really starts to salivate, for I’ve hit upon a point that brings tingles to my spine and sends electric flashes of amplified energy through my mind. Yes, by all the major, minor, higher and lesser gods, it is time to talk about the war between Good and Evil.
Though some brilliant men have had the courage to throw off the shackles of these moral and ethical dilemmas and simply move beyond them, I, for one, am still enthralled when it comes to discussing the pleasure and pain, the love and the hate, the peace and the rage, the death and the life, the war and the strife, the dark and the light, the hope and the fight.
To be more precise, I could simply say, I enjoy studying the different dogmatic rituals and codes of conduct that the many splintered factions of humanity have chosen to live by throughout the centuries.
Or is it eons? Or an eternity? Sweet God Almighty, how long have we been spinning in this cycle? How much longer can the center possibly hold before the axis breaks and the whole structural foundation explodes?
Not too long I hope! A bit of unmitigated madness and insanity amongst the masses might be a welcome change from the polluted sheep mentality that the flock of America currently prescribes to.
Yes, a new medication is needed. A perfumed Potion that spoils the corrupted pollution. Sometimes you have to tear down what is in place in order to build back something better, or greater, or at least a little bit different in some ways.
Now I must return to my original point about offering sacrificial alms of gratitude and glorious affirmation to whatever has caused this new shift in the paradigm. This new wave, this higher crest, this tallest peak, this momentous moment of the ocean’s tide.
Yes, the moon must be strong tonight. The witches must be casting their spells outside. Pagan sorcery is causing natural spirits to emanate all over the area. I can sense magic, chakra energy, and the aura of something beyond the physical realm causing disturbances in the usual atmospheric flow.
O sweet Mother Mary Magdalena, everything is about to blow. Yes, O God, ha-ha, there it goes.
Boom. Crash. Crunch. Up in smoke. No more jokes. Now we are dead serious about this game of life.
There is no more time for war and strife. This is our final chance to get peace right. There can be no other choice tonight. This could be what changes the guard by throwing away the shackles of the past and preparing for the future by being completely present in the moment.
We must learn from the past, live in the present, and plan for the future. These are ancient words in my heart, but they still ring true years after I first discovered them near the vegetative growth of a seasoned planetary habitation station. They were just chilling out, hanging around, and when I touched them they sparked a spectacularly significant change into my life.
Indeed, it was like a sign. So I gave them a few names. The sign of God, the sign of chaos, the sign of the spider, the sign of peace, love, truth and empathy, the sign of hope and freedom in America, the sign of constant evolution through progression at all times. As well as a million other titles that would take us away from the central theme of this rant, which is that change is necessary in the life of any artist. Change breeds positive emotions and results. Change bursts through dams of stagnation that hold inspiration behind brick walls. Change is the highest trumpet call of the gods.
A thunderous, bombastic racket that fills the atmosphere with deadly, poisonous, lethal fluids. But do not worry, for they can’t harm you if you dance right along with them as a remedy and spiritual cure.
Yet change offers even more. For sure! No doubt! It gets even cooler. Even when the inferno is red hot.
O sweet Lord of fire, I’m ready to pop!
O grand majestic flower, it’s time to hip-hop!
The dance is on. The early morning hours keep dragging along, but I will not be deterred. I will continue moving forward. Progression is all that matters. Even if it seems like incoherent nonsense, there is always order just around the corner ready to solve whatever the problem may be and stagger into a quantum leap.
So we jump forward into the past. Then we cycle back around. Thus we end up where we started. But that’s okay, for new beginnings are always just part of the constant continuation.
There is a line that stretches out for an infinitely long distance, immeasurable by human standards. Unalterable. Unwanted. Unneeded. Unloved. Uh-oh! What has happened? Why am I suddenly drowning and becoming such a bummer? What has got me blue? Why this quick shift of attitude? O Lord, I’ve got to get back up to a higher altitude!
Indeed, at the top of a mountain is where I should be standing. No longer looking down on what’s below, but visualizing ahead to what soon shall be.
So I climb. As I stand in the chilly heights of the mountainous regions, I realize that my heart is frozen and my spirit is ice-cold. How did I get in this state? Why can’t I seem to get warm when I shake?
I guess my fur just isn’t that thick. I suppose my skin is too easily pricked. And so, bleeding heart that I am, I pour forth the red fluid from my veins.
But as luck would have it, one of the Pagan witches I mentioned earlier resides in the chilly, cavernous caves of the mountain. She wants only to suck, drink and swallow every drop of that which drips from my cut wounds.
Then, as she kisses me, my vital energies are restored and my heart can pump proudly once more. She makes me feel self-assured.
The change is now complete. It has been a grand, awesome feat. But now it’s time to leave. The witch and me, on our path of destiny, here in this altered phase of new existence. Together.