Escape from the Pipeline

Neolithic and Cyberlithic

part of: Definitions

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

Neolithic (NL) and Cyberlithic (CL)—A Short Exposure:

Well, okay first: why mate cyber and lithic? Lithic – stone, as in Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic – and then,
elaborating out past syllables:
all those stages of human tech
subsequent to wood, straw, pebbles, leaves, vines,
anything x.sapians made
as they emerged into toolmaking
from the kind of state in which we see other animals living
on Earth now.
These are the kinds of beings from whom we are descended, gene to gene, encounter to encounter, adaptation to adaptation.
Yeah, them’s us.

Our animal buds reshape processes found in the environment within which they live in terms of consumption of resources (bears feeding on migrating salmon) and building of shelters (ant tunnels). These things do contribute to the ecology of their respective systems.

Humans do permanently reshape processes
(think irrigation, agriculture, animal husbandry, architecture)
in their environment to suit their own purposes as well.

Our combined changes
introduced since humans began their own particular form of Tech
are creating imbalance in our ecosystem.
To believe that statement or to not believe it, that is a possible bifurcation
you may be facing
right about now.

I base it on evidence from the history of ideas; science;machines;music;literature;economics;politics. I am 94% sure I’ve missed many things, which is to say, google for information related to this question if it is of interest to you to do so. If you do, I’d love to hear what you find and what you think. Oh, and I hope you have fun exploring the histories of our kind.