Angela "Wizzle" Wilczynski ~ Golden Road

Nine Aspects of Love

part of: The Wanderers

by Lora of Many Generations , The Archives of Raynah

First, a definition of Love!

Perhaps a definition is in order. Love is the urge to merge. It is an invisible force between individuals, between any bits of matter, that potentiates and actualizes merging, for the purpose of producing something greater than the sum of the individual parts, just like the joining of hydrogen and oxygen in right measure produces water, etc. Love mandates merging in right measure to produce something needed to enrich the whole and further its felicitous unfoldment through time and enables the gracious dissolution of “things” into the whole when the moment requiring their existence has passed.

Note: Merging (to unite with and absorb another thing directly into your being): When you merge with someone or something, you then have their perceptions of the world to work with, as well as your own…including all the myriad ways those two perceptions intersect. This merging is effected by the human mirror neuron system.

The question of emotion arises, as Love is generally identified as one of the primary human emotions. So we may as well go for the gusto and talk about emotions. Emotions can be regarded as gestalt neurological responses to internal and external stimuli. Love is an external force urging merging which our emotions respond to. There is another level of complexity: Romance, which is the constellation of thoughts clustered around the force of Love as it stimulates and interacts with our emotions. Romance, the thoughts we construct to ride the force of Love through our lives, is the third level to deal with when considering Love as it affects humans (the other two being the external force of Love itself, and the second being our emotional reaction to this stimulation).

It must be emphasized that the nine aspects of love can occur between male/female, female/female, male/male pairs or between any number of persons.

Every human connection is so complex. The variety of influences affecting it is so diverse and tied to each unique moment. Someone can be a Muse to me and still encompass many other types of love at the same time. A muse with whom I share an erotic energy will affect me very differently from someone I co-create with from a place of deep friendship. Both are beautiful and unique experiences. Breaking things down to trends and types is never a substitute for knowing that every human relationship is complex and unique. —- U’Jzur

The Nine Aspects of Love

Parent – this refers to any primary caregiver, biological parent or no.

Child – this refers to any primary care receiver.

Friend – A huge responsibility. To be a friend is to share and to bear witness to someone else’s life, come paradise, hell, or high-water.

Adversary – one of life’s trickiest, most complex, confusing, and satisfying relationships. Makes for some of the best sex on the planet, as well as intensely stimulating conversation and immense creative output if the ideals of reverence, self-confidence, courage, and respect for individual choice can be maintained by both parties.

Sibling – By birth or choice, individuals who choose to travel side by side throughout the length of their days.

Erotic – An exchange of pure sexual energy. Sexual energy is a root power available to humans. Cultivation of this energy and its positive application to the building of self and connection with others is at the root of this aspect of love. Erotic feelings are beautiful. When you feel someone in your loins, that means you could connect with them erotically, in the event of reciprocal erotic feelings.

Muse or Consort – A merging of one or more of the five angles of Self with another in order to create something together. People may recognize their muses in this way…the room will be filled with magic and fire whenever they are around one another, and creation spontaneously arises even from their casual interactions…when consciously directed and sustained, entire thought or crafted worlds may be created and dissolved at will.

Love of Day (the Manifest Universe). Engagement in the work of Making done between members of the community at large.

Love of the Night (the Unmanifest Universe). Connection to the subconscious realms. Engagement in the work of Perceiving. Metaphorically, awe at and submission to the magnitude and inexplicibility of the Universe.

NOTES on the Septahedral Structure of Relationship as it emerges from our conception of Love:

This relationship structure was discovered to create great stability for the Community of Sanctuary. This refers to any number of people bonded in a long-term, committed relationship encompassing any combination of the six ways of being and nine aspects of love. Seven is an arbitrary number. The fact that it is an odd number is important. Septs are not about unity of dyads. They are about unity of all the people involved. Interlocking Septs became common by the Third Generation of Sanctuary. This means some people were members in two or more Septs. By the Seventh Generation most adult Sanctuarians were involved in interlocking Septs, creating an across the board relationship of dynamic stability for the entire Community.

The value of the interlocking Septs is seen most clearly in two things:

Children born into a Sept are surrounded by a network of lifelong relationships, so if one individual dies or leaves the situation for whatever reason, the needs of the children will still be met uninterruptedly. Thus, children are more strongly protected, plus they have the resources of a network of well-known adults available to them rather than one or two known entities and a whole host of strangers who have no investment in them other than wages (as in the nuclear family structure common during the time of the First Generation).

The other benefit of the interlocking Septs is Community-wide. This means that personal bonds rather than impersonal ones are the rule. The notion, purveyed in the United States of America at the turn of the third millenium, that everyone was just five people away from their President was strengthened in the Sanctuary Community by the interlocking Septs. By the Seventh Generation, most everyone either knew someone else through relationships described in one or more of the Nine Aspects of Love, or knew someone who knew someone, etc…so everyone had a vested personal interest in the well-being of everyone else. After all, it is hard to hurt someone if you know and respect someone who is in relationship with them. In this way the bonds of knowledge and respect were extended Community-wide.