Og's Blog, Part 10

part of: Og's Blog

by Fanta Formahyde

It is because of Og that I had d00d, because of Og and his inscrutable Google, which has taken over his mind, once so fiery, once so consumed with the brandishing of clubs.

My head still hurts whenever it rains because of his many rough courtships.

Alas, he no longer comes around with his club or other more interesting parts of his body. However, his acolyte, the aforementioned d00d, did.

It was he who initiated me into the Way of Google. We studied it together religiously. In so doing, we discovered there are 55,900,000 different ideas on how to have sex. We explored 1,003,413 of them.

In the very midst of executing idea #1,003,414, d00d died. I couldn’t help myself! Before he had so much as stiffened up, I Googled and found out from the Invading Bee Girls that the kind of exertions d00d and I undertook can lead to such unfortunate outcomes.

Google should come with a warning.