Blog Entry 4

part of: Og's Blog

by Jeff Beardwood

From Og.

What is this ergonomics I keep reading about?

Google tells me “Ergo” will someday be from the Greek word “ergon”, meaning “work”. And “nomics” in the early 21st century will mean “to turn into an incomprehensible system or way of thinking”. 

All I know is this lawyer fellow was back telling me I could go on something called “disability” if I tell the tribe I have a “repetitive strain injury” from beating the mastodons on the head with my club. It made me think of Vrol…at least I still have arms to be sore. The lawyer fellow tells me I won’t have to work and the tribe will look after me. “So will the mastodons be kind enough to bonk their own heads on my club while I rest?” I ask him. “How will we eat?” 

He then went on to weave a wild tale of something called a buffalo jump. (Don’t ask me what a buffalo is.) But he claims we could drive a whole herd of mastodons over a cliff and climb down to collect enough meat to feed the tribe for a season. To me, herding mastodons sounds a whole lot more hazardous than whacking them on the head one at a time as needed. It seems to me herding mastodons is kind of like standing under an avalanche with arms open hoping to catch it as it falls. And we all remember what happened to poor Thrack when he tried that, don’t we? Someday someone will find poor Thrack and think we were all a pretty primitive, unintelligent lot living without the Internet and the latest in designer hunting clubs. 

So I sent the nutty lawyer packing and went and leaned against Thrack’s glacier for a while to sooth my sore muscles. 

Funny, I think it’s getting slightly closer to our camp each time I go lean against the glacier. Must be imagining things. 

Such crazy ideas these days