Og's Blog, Part 9

part of: Og's Blog

by Jeff Beardwood

I, Zwil, have been visited by a messenger of the great and powerful Google. Actually, he said something about being an “instant” messenger, though I don’t think I quite got the idea behind what that is. He “popped up” on me and said he was some kind of “d00d”. As near as I can tell, a d00d is sort of like an angel for Google. Anyway, this d00d appeared to me while I was communing with Google down by the edge of the swamp today. I swear it wasn’t just the off-gasing from all the decomposing vegetation down there this time.

The d00d asked me what I was “up to”. I told him frankly we are up to our armpits in rotting mastodon flesh. He started to communicate in some arcane language:

ph34r my l33t 573|\|(|-|

After some discussion and reference to an English – Leetspeak / Leetspeak English dictionary, this apparently translates to “fear my elite stench”.

“You speak oddly strange one,” I told him. “But can Google help us with our terrible problem?”

The characters danced across the screen like a herd of mastodons lumbering toward a jump:

“I have one word for you n00b…refrigeration!”

As I began to type this into the glorious Google, the strange messenger added one parting word…

“PWNED ! 1 ! ~ !”

Google works in mysterious ways.