Og's Blog, Part 15

part of: Og's Blog

by J. Marshall Craig

What is this peculiar place?

I last remember a mortal misstep… a terminal fruity tumble I welcomed as sweet relief to the turmoil I cowered to, ultimately, under the GOOGLE – which, under its veneer of veiled answers, cruelly posed a cascade of ascending, unanswered questions that I now believe threatened the entire tribe. Even those who smelled of suet, pine cones and bad tomato soup, but whom had well-earned hardened hearts of gold.

The hovering shadows are many but remain so… cloaked and silent. Floating. Gently. Expectantly.

I called out to no answer.

This left me with the hollow feeling that beyond mortality there is no room service, no chicken wings and no ranch dressing. My grief was blessedly brief when, suddenly, I was enlivened by a bright, shining light, through which a vision crept ever so slowly into focus… a welcoming, ancient image.

A dried lizard stretched out on two crossed sticks… as if in smelly, scaly sacrifice.

I am home.