One Law

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The First Law as proposed by T’zirth, 1st Generation. Proposed during the turbulent years following the Civil Rights Actions of the 1940s-2008 before the beginning of the 2nd Enlightenment of the Euro-US cultural world.

There is only One Law:
Accept personal responsibility for the choices you make within the whole Field of Choice provided by the Universe.

That being said, what is the Field of Choice? What does this phrase mean? Mere semantics are misleading precisely because the Field of Choice provided by the Universe is very different than the field of choice human societies often required of their members.
The actual Field of Choice provided by the Universe is anything that can be observed, imagined, and brought forth into existence. Humans have been observing their environment, interacting with it, imagining things about it, dreaming up things to create to make life better, and creating that better life for a very long time —way back before the stone toolmaking era…but that is a long digression. Google

Observations on The One Law

The really important part is coming to understand ones own fulcrum of personal responsibility as one makes choices…our fulcrum is the passion that drives us. The contradictory outcome of limiting choices available to
Others cannot be overstated,and the importance of finding out as much as possible about the scope of the choices available. Obviously the process for making choices is a work always under construction. Choice is a pretty
huge deal, especially since the outcome of any choice can never be fully foreseen. The unexpected always happens as the results of our choices move out from the
moment of our actions and enter the life spaces of those around us, and from there out into other event spaces in the world at large. The way those results intersect with the effects of the choices of others really are forever beyond our control and (in many
cases) comprehension…yet we can accept responsibility for the choices we have made, the consequences we have set in motion, and navigate through the world
with the guiding idea that we will not duck out of a situation if something destructive happens as a result of our activities…we will be fully present and work to
understand what happened, mitigate the damage done, and set more constructive effects into motion in the future, so far as we are able. This also involves not
beating ourselves up for things we couldn’t control or foresee….learning, learning, learning. The minute we duck out to avoid responsibility we lose the opportunity
to learn and make better choices in the future.

What I try to remember when I look at the field of choice—- it’s not always the obvious solution that will be the best. I listen to my heart and my body to see if
something is right, at least as much as I listen to the commentators or our fellow travellers. Does that make sense?

And yes, there is the difficulty of accepting that we have influence over every circumstance, on some level. We do play in the big scheme of things as we direct our
own lives. For instance small things, like the products we buy, the way we eat, the way we set our thermostats, contribute to the destruction of our
environment…but some people really believe they haven’t had a part in influencing the destruction. It should be fixed by somebody with more power or authority
or who ever “they” are, the ones who keep causing these terrible things. And as long as the sitcoms are still on tv and the immediate trappings of our lives are the
same, we don’t have to look at it much harder than that.